Since joining SeedLegals, AJ has helped over 350 companies set up their Option Schemes. He’s developed an encyclopaedic knowledge about EMI and Unallocated Option Schemes and now leads our specialist team – all our Options team members are legal or accounting experts.

Previously, AJ studied Accounting and went on to work as a consultant in the PMO office at Capita. His job for Capita focused on procurement – which makes AJ the right man to ask about getting the best deal, not just for your option scheme, but when you want to buy anything.

AJ then worked as a Project Manager at Goat, a social media agency listed at #4 in AdWeek‘s 2021 list of the world’s fastest-growing influencer agencies. AJ led campaigns for Indy500, Tag Heuer, Apple and Diageo‘s brands.

He went on to found Spiela, a social enterprise which creates opportunities for people from socio-economically disadvantaged communities. He’s also an advisor at The Careers & Enterprise Company.

When AJ isn’t talking to SeedLegals customers, you’ll find him coaching American Football at the University of Greenwich, blogging about books he’s read, or training to be a powerlifter.