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How to grow your investor network with Pitch and turn clicks into capital

Published:  Dec 1, 2022
Kirsty Macsween
Kirsty MacSween

Exciting news – soon investors will be able to follow your Pitch page on SeedLegals. This new feature helps interested investors track your company’s progress and be the first to find out when you’re fundraising.

It’s vital to grow and keep your investor network warm even when you’re not actively in funding mode. That way, they’re there when you need them and you start several steps closer to closing the deal. Plus, when they opt in for updates, they become part of your journey and more invested in your success.

This new feature goes live in early 2023. But you can get ready now by following our top tips to make your Pitch page the perfect investor bait.

What’s new with Pitch?

Since launching Pitch back in November 2021, over 4,100 companies have set up their pages, collectively racking up over 48,000 individual views. More than 350 investors have registered their interest on companies’ pages so far, with many proceeding directly to investment.

We’ve seen the value Pitch brings – but we want to make it even more founder and investor-friendly. Currently, you send your investors a link to your Pitch page and if it’s the right time for them – great! But what if they like what they see, but aren’t ready to take the next step right there and then? Do they bookmark the page to come back to later? What if they’re in a similar stage with hundreds of companies?

It makes no sense to leave getting much-needed investment up to lucky timing. That’s why we’re making it possible for investors to follow Pitch pages. This new feature makes it easy for investors to filter, sort and track updates from companies they’re interested in.

Anthony Rose

The best time to be looking for investors is yesterday – make sure you always have a good network of investors in the loop on what you are doing.

Anthony Rose

CEO & Co-Founder,


    Already available: To help you and your investors connect at the right time, we’ve also added a new fundraising status to Pitch pages.

    Now investors can open your page, see straight away that you’re not currently raising, register their interest and be ready to step in when you’re raising again. This means you no longer need to set your page to private when you’re finished seeking investment.

    Fundraising Status Seedlegals
    Set your status and keep your page up and accessible to future investors

    Top tips to hook investors with your Pitch page

    Our Pitch pages are designed to give investors just the right amount of information, all in one place.

    To get the most from your Pitch page, there are three key areas to refine and perfect:

    • Key information
    • Team information
    • Pitch deck

    Make sure to fill in all the key information about your raise. Investors can instantly see that you’re eligible for SEIS/EIS to avoid wasted time on either end.

    With all the information filled out, this section works like a deal summary – a slide we always recommend adding to your pitch deck.

    It’s worth spending the time adding detail to your team information section. With early stage deals, investors are putting money behind the founding team just as much as – if not more than – the product itself. Include full bios and credentials to save investors research time.

    We’ve seen that Pitch pages with team bios are over 15 times more likely to get investors registering interest on their pages.

    One serial investor we’ve spoken to even said that he automatically rejects any pitch that doesn’t include an introduction to the team and their talent. You can read more of Peter Cowley’s insights into how to catch an investor’s attention here: The Investor Funnel - how I filter opportunities.

    If an investor likes what they see from your key and team information, they’ll go through your pitch deck.

    Your pitch deck is more likely to make an impact when it:

    • Is under 20 slides – our data shows that investors on average spend 3m 44sec reviewing a deck, so keep it concise
    • Has a video – if it makes sense for your industry and/or product. We’ve seen that Pitch pages with a video are over 10 times more likely to get investors registering their interest
    • Starts with a strong elevator pitch – you’ve got about 100 words to sell your value proposition
    • Makes a clear, credible business case – cover the problem, solution, market opportunity, your achievements so far and an intro to your team

    Read more: How to create a winning investor pitch deck

    How to turn follows into funds

    The pitch is only the beginning. In your meetings with investors, be prepared to get a grilling about your company setup, cap table, Articles and every aspect of your core business structure.

    Read more: What will investors ask you?

    After they’re satisfied you’re the real deal, we’ve made it super-seamless to turn an interested investor into a paying investor. With just a click straight from your Pitch page, you can send a SeedFAST for your investor to review, or add the investor to your funding round to look at your term sheet.

    Ready to grow your investor network?

    It’s fast and easy to set up a Pitch page on SeedLegals. Our friendly team of funding specialists is standing by if you have any questions.

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