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Data Room included in all SeedLegals memberships

The secure way to store and share your legal documents

Upload confidential documents to your virtual Data Room
Control access through custom groups
Change permissions at any time for unlimited users

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Deal Data Room for your funding round

Use the Deal Data Room for secure due diligence

Speed up due diligence and make funding faster. Share classified documents with investors, lawyers and advisors.

  • tickStore all the sensitive documents for your investment round in one place
  • tickCreate groups to customise who can see what, and change access at any time
  • tickUpdate everything in real time and manage securely on the cloud
Data Room for your Pitch to investors

Share information easily with potential investors

No need to send emails with large file attachments or force investors to download files. Your Pitch page comes with its own secure Data Room.

  • tickUpload sensitive info such as financial forecasts
  • tickShare in one click with interested investors
  • tickKeep everything in one place - clean and clutter-free
Data Room for your board meetings

Create, share and manage board documents

Bye bye bulky board pack. Data Room is the easy way to give everyone the access they need to company information.

  • tickGet secure shared access for paperless meetings
  • tickGive all your board members consistent, up-to-date information
  • tickBuild and share templated minutes for board meetings
Section 3 Manage Your Board Edit
Unlimited support with your Data Room

Chat online anytime with our experts

Not sure how to access the Data Room or what files to add? If you have questions about Data Room, our expert team is here to help.

  • tickTalk to us your way - chat, phone, email, video call
  • tickUnlimited help included in all memberships - no extra cost
  • tickAsk us anything - we're here 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday


Got questions about Data Room? We have the answers.

  • What is a data room?

    A data room is a secure online space where files can only be accessed with the correct authorisation. Startups use data rooms to share confidential documents with investors, potential investors, advisors or board members.

    The benefit of a digital data room (sometimes called a virtual data room) is that it’s simple to share the link and give access - and to manage who is allowed to see sensitive information.
  • Where can I store documents on SeedLegals?

    All of the documents you create on the SeedLegals platform stay there securely. You can access them either within the workflow you used to create them (eg, to find your Term Sheet, go to Raise > Funding Round > Data Room) or through the My Documents tab.

    You can also upload supporting documents to your Pitch Data Room, the Deal Data Room within your funding round, or to your Board Data Room.
  • How much does SeedLegals Data Room cost?

    There’s no extra charge for SeedLegals members to use our Data Rooms - and there’s no limit to the amount of users you can add. With a Standard or Plus subscription, you get full access to the Board and Pitch Data Rooms.

    There’s no separate fee to use the Deal Data Room, but you will need to open a funding round. You can see full details on our Pricing page.

    There are plenty of online services available that offer digital data rooms, costing from £20 a month to hundreds of pounds a year per user. But on SeedLegals, you can securely store and share your documents, all on the same platform as you use to create them - and at no extra cost.
  • If my SeedLegals membership expires, will I lose all my documents?

    We want to make it easy for you to access your documents whenever you need them. If you cancel your membership, we’ll continue to safely store your documents for a period of time, so you can find them easily when you rejoin.

    But please be aware that, under our Terms of Service, we can’t guarantee that we’ll store your data forever. We recommend that you download all your documents and data before cancelling your membership.
  • Can I download all of my documents at once from SeedLegals?

    Yes. Go to Settings (bottom left of the platform menu), go across to Display and scroll to the bottom. You’ll see the option to download a ZIP file of all documents relating to your company, excluding certificates.

    You can download Share and Note Certificates by going to the Shares tab in the platform menu, and choosing Share Certificates and Note Certificates.
  • Can I access the Deal Data Room without a funding round?

    No, you can only access the Deal Data Room within a funding round. You can see full details on our Pricing page.
  • How do I use the Deal Data Room?

    Go to Raise and click on into your open funding round, then click the Documents tab. You’ll see all the documents you’ve created on SeedLegals for your round at the top and underneath that is your Deal Data Room where you can upload your own documents. You can see more information in this Deal Data Room article.
  • How do I customise access permissions for the Deal Data Room?

    We created Groups to make it easy to share sets of documents with dynamic and custom groups. In your funding round, click the Groups tab to view and manage your groups.

    Dynamic groups include All investors – this group contains all the investors you’ve added to your round.

    Adding a new investor? All documents in that sharing group are automatically shared with them. Investor pulls out? Just remove them from the round, and their sharing permissions are automatically removed.

    Or go ahead to create your own custom groups, for example:
    - Lead investors and their lawyers
    - ‘Maybe’ and ‘Confirmed’ investors
  • What kind of documents go in the Deal Data Room?

    When you do a funding round, VC investors will have an extensive checklist for their due diligence covering many aspects of your business from tax, finance and legal to your IT, sales and marketing systems and statistics.

    The documents investors will often ask to see include:
    - Founder Service Agreements
    - Employment Agreements for your key team members
    - Contracts with third parties
    - IP Assignment Agreements
    - Your five year business plan and financial forecasts

    With the SeedLegals Deal Data Room, it’s easy to upload all the documents you need, add more at any time, and share access to them securely.
  • How are my documents and data protected?

    We take the security of your documents and data very seriously and take various steps and measures to protect it.

    Here are just some of the ways we make sure your data is secure:

    - We’ll never share or make your data or information available to anyone without your explicit permission (other than being legally required such as by a court order)
    - Your data is uploaded and downloaded over a secure connection, and your credentials are encrypted and hashed. We don’t store (or even know) your password
    - Only people you’ve assigned as members of your team can access your data, and you can assign specific permissions to individual team members

    You can read our full Data Protection Policy here in our Terms of Service.

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