SeedLegals is the one-stop destination for taking care of all the legals you’ll need to build, run and fund your company. 

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Build your incorporation, funding and team agreements in minutes using an intuitive Q&A interface that guides you through the right choices for your company.

Use data from hundreds of companies to make choices right for you. Play what-if scenarios and tweak deal terms interactively.

See how much of the company you & your investors will own at various exit scenarios and sale prices. Use the Termometer to see whether each choice you make is founder- or investor- friendly. And how many others have chosen that option.

Your investor asks for 3 year vesting on your shares. Is that good or bad? Imagine you could see that 78% of deals went with 3 year founder share vesting.

The legals for creating, funding and running your startup.  Sorted.



There are 100,000 new growth startups in the UK every year. Each spends thousands of pounds on unique documentation. SeedLegals uses the power of the network to change that. Using mass deal data and the network effect, SeedLegals gives you the knowledge, documentation and data to build corporate, team and funding agreements that are perfect for your company.

SeedLegals gives you the knowledge & data to make the best decisions for your startup funding & legals, and puts you in control.