The fastest and most reliable way to do a UK funding round

We'll help you get investment ready and complete every step of your funding round, build and negotiate your Term Sheet, Shareholders Agreement, Articles, the works.

We're now the largest closer of funding rounds in the UK.

Your first time?
No problem!

Many of our customers are new to this. You'll have an assigned SeedLegals legal and funding expert to help you every step of the way. On web chat, on Skype, and in person if you like (we're in Holborn, London).

SEIS & EIS, sorted

Being able to offer your investors SEIS or EIS tax deductions makes you dramatically more investible.

SEIS/EIS Advance Assurance
We'll take you through every step and build all the required documentation. Our team will review everything for you, ready for HMRC approval.

SEIS/EIS Compliance
After your round your investors will want their SEIS/EIS Certificates. We've automated that too.

Get investment ahead of a funding round

Our SeedFAST advanced subscription agreement is the fast and easy way to get investment in ahead of a future round. It's changing the way companies raise funding. And, it's SEIS and EIS compatible.

Top up anytime with Instant Investment

Previously when you closed your round you were done till your next round. Instant Investment changes that, you can now close a round and then top up afterwards. More than half of startups raising on SeedLegals are using it to close quickly, get on with business, and top up later.

Cap Tables made easy

Goodbye Excel spreadsheets. Our cap table builder takes care of the arithmetic, calculates equity dilution and keeps track of everything. Add shareholders, issue share certificates, transfer shares, view exit scenarios and more.

Give Share Options to your team

Giving share options to your employees? You'll want an EMI Option Scheme to do that tax-efficiently, and you'll love ours. We'll generate all the legals, help with the HMRC valuation, create beautiful option certificates for your team, handle their share vesting, and more.

Founder and team hiring agreements, NDAs and more

Agreements for founders, employees, advisors, NEDs... Create them in minutes, share and sign them online. All included in our Base Plan. Get the first 30 days totally free.

Start fundraising the easy way

Getting set up is fast. Create your company account now and get 30 days on our Base Plan totally free. No credit card required!