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Investor syndicates

Invest as a group

SeedLegals Syndicate* is the fast and easy way for your group of angel investors to invest together as a syndicate in companies fundraising on SeedLegals.

Legal documents for investor syndicates

Free up your time to hunt for great deals

Save time with simple, streamlined admin. Set up your syndicate with SeedLegals MPL in less than a day.

  • tickonboard members in minutes
  • tickmanage syndicate and track deals with SeedLegals MPL
  • tickclose deals in record time
Best practice for investor syndicates

Effortlessly comply, with built-in best practice

Run your syndicate deals using SeedLegals MPL, our verified documents and straightforward workflow.

  • tickclear, compliant legal docs
  • tickshares held by the SeedLegals nominee company - no need for an SPV
  • tickUK #1 for early-stage deals
SEIS/EIS for syndicates

Offer your syndicate SEIS/EIS tax relief

When investments and members of your syndicate qualify, they can claim SEIS/EIS tax relief after investments close, just as if they invested as individuals. (Your members' eligibility depends on their individual circumstances and any later changes in their situation.)

  • tickSEIS/EIS compliant shares
  • tickinvestments can be SEIS, EIS or a combination
  • tickshare compliance docs via SeedLegals with syndicate members

How to invest with SeedLegals Syndicate*

  • Create a syndicate deal

    Select the company you’ll invest in

  • Set terms

    Answer the quick questions to set terms for the deal

  • Notify investee

    The company will then be able to see your investment in their SeedLegals tracker and term sheet

  • Add investors to syndicate

    Add or remove people as required

  • Share the Syndicate Agreement

    Create the doc in minutes, then click to share with members to sign

  • Share the deal sheet

    When the syndicate is ready, click to invite members to review and sign the deal sheet

  • Notify SeedLegals MPL

    After the deal sheet is signed, SeedLegals MPL Nominees signs the deal documents with the company on behalf of your syndicate

  • Transfer the money to investee

    Coordinate with your syndicate to transfer the cash to the investee company

  • Deal complete 🎉

    Congratulations on your syndicate investment!

Unlimited support

Chat online anytime with our experts

Our expert team is here to guide you through your syndicate investments.

  • ticktalk to us via chat, phone, email or video call
  • tickunlimited help included - no extra cost
  • tickask us anything - we're here 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday
Fair, transparent pricing

Save on legal fees

SeedLegals Syndicate* costs just £1,990 + 1% of the syndicate investment, capped at £10,000, plus VAT. For example, if your syndicate invests £200,000, then the fee is £3,990 + VAT. This fee is paid to SeedLegals MPL by the investee company.

  • ticktransparent pricing, no hidden extras
  • tickdedicated account manager
  • tickunlimited help included


Frequently asked questions about SeedLegals Syndicate

  • What is a syndicate?

    When investors get together as a group and invest together, they’re a syndicate.

    Usually syndicates have a lead investor who makes final decisions and communicates with the investee company on behalf of the syndicate. The other members of the syndicate are often called follow investors.
  • For investors, what are the benefits of joining a syndicate?

    When you’re new to investing, signing up to a syndicate can help you learn how equity investing works and avoid making costly mistakes.

    As a member of a syndicate you can:
    • pool your resources
    • secure better deals
    • diversify your portfolio
    • make it easier to manage your portfolio

    Investing in new and early-stage businesses is risky, including the risk that an investor might lose their investment. An investor should only invest if they believe they have the knowledge and experience to make their own decisions, and to understand and manage the risks associated with these investments. We recommend that investors seek independent financial advice before making an investment.

    Read more in our post: What is a syndicate? How to invest as a group
  • For a startup, what are the benefits of taking investment from a syndicate?

    For startups, having a syndicate invest in the company can be easier than having lots of separate investors. With just one point of contact, communications are streamlined. The company communicates only with the lead investor who represents the collective interests of the syndicate. Usually syndicates have established an efficient decision-making process so it’s much easier for the company to get resolutions signed off by a syndicate than by lots of separate investors.

    Read more in our post: What is a syndicate? How to invest as a group
  • What is a lead investor in a syndicate?

    Usually syndicates have a lead investor - this person is responsible for finding deals, negotiating with potential investees, bringing in new syndicate members, and ongoing admin and comms with the group.

    Other members of the syndicate - often called follow investors - can also take on some of these tasks but the lead investor makes final decisions and is ultimately responsible for communications, legal paperwork and liaising with investee companies.

    Read more about the responsibilities of syndicate members in our post: What is a syndicate? How to invest as a group
  • What’s the legal structure of SeedLegals Syndicate?

    SeedLegals Syndicate is operated by SeedLegals MPL (a subsidiary of SeedLegals), an appointed representative of Kroll Securities Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 466588).

    Another subsidiary of SeedLegals, SeedLegals MPL Nominees, holds the legal title to shares in investee companies on behalf of all SeedLegals Syndicate investors, who have a beneficial interest in the shares. This means that SeedLegals MPL Nominees signs the Shareholders Agreement on behalf of the Syndicate investors, and is also named on the share certificates, the register of members and any confirmation statement.

    After your investment closes, SeedLegals MPL Nominees appoints the lead investor of your syndicate as our proxy in all communications with the investee company. This means that on behalf of SeedLegals MPL Nominees, your lead may:
    • vote, attend, speak, ask questions and demand a poll at any general meeting of the investee company, as well as sign any members’ written resolutions
    • propose a resolution or an amendment to a resolution
    • receive all documents, notices and requests sent by the investee company to its shareholders or to SeedLegals MPL nominees specifically

    This information is detailed in the legal documents for Syndicate investments.
  • Who owns the shares in SeedLegals Syndicate investments?

    The share certificate for the lead and follow investors’ shares is in the name of SeedLegals MPL Nominees. This is because SeedLegals MPL Nominees is the legal owner of the shares.

    If the investments made by your syndicate members are eligible for both SEIS and EIS, then two share certificates are issued to SeedLegals MPL Nominees: one for SEIS shares and one for EIS shares. (By law, EIS shares have to be issued a minimum of one day after SEIS shares.)
  • Is SeedLegals Syndicate an SPV?

    No. Our Syndicate service makes it much quicker and easier for you to invest as a group compared to setting up a special purpose vehicle (SPV).

    Read more above: What’s the legal structure of SeedLegals Syndicate?
  • How much does SeedLegals Syndicate cost?

    Our pricing is transparent, with no hidden extras.

    SeedLegals Syndicate costs just £1,990 + 1% of the syndicate investment, capped at £10,000, plus VAT. This fee is paid to SeedLegals MPL by the investee company.

    For example, if your syndicate invests £200,000, then the fee is £3,990 + VAT

    You’ll have a dedicated account manager and unlimited help is included.

    Interested? Book a call with one of our experts.
  • How do I set up a syndicate on SeedLegals?

    Take a look at the timeline above on this page: How to invest as a syndicate on SeedLegals and the instructions on this blog post: How to use SeedLegals Syndicate

    Interested in setting up a syndicate to invest in a company on SeedLegals? To get started, book a call with one of our experts.
  • Can investors in a syndicate get SEIS/EIS tax relief?

    Yes, as long as the syndicate member(s) and the investment are eligible for S/EIS.

    Talk to the lead investor of the syndicate about whether an investment proposal is eligible for SEIS/EIS. After the investment has closed, you’ll need to make sure the lead sends you the documents you need to claim the tax relief in your self-assessment tax return.

    💡 Good to know: When you use SeedLegals Syndicate to invest in companies on SeedLegals, if the investment qualifies for SEIS/EIS, then eligible members of the syndicate can claim SEIS/EIS tax benefits.
  • Can I create more than one syndicate on SeedLegals?

    Yes. Currently, you’ll create a SeedLegals Syndicate for each deal separately.
  • Can we invest as a syndicate with a SeedFAST?

    No - syndicate investments are for equity investments in funding rounds on SeedLegals.
  • Do investors in the syndicate need to be KYC-checked?

    Yes. To comply with the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations, SeedLegals MPL must carry out KYC (Know Your Customer) checks on every investor in your syndicate.
  • I’m a founder, can I group individual investors in my round to form a syndicate?

    If you’re doing a funding round with multiple individual investors, you can turn them into one easy-to-manage entry on your cap table with a rollup on SeedLegals. Find out more: SeedLegals Rollup

* All references to SeedLegals Syndicate and SeedLegals Rollup refer to the Syndicate and Rollup services provided by SeedLegals MPL Limited, company number 14319103. SeedLegals MPL is an appointed representative of Kroll Securities Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FRN: 466588

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