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Build your dream scheme: EMI made easy

Create and manage your EMI scheme on our automated platform with unlimited help from our EMI experts.

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Reward and retain your team

EMI share options are a low cost, tax efficient way to reward your UK staff with equity.

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    Get help from experts

    Our EMI experts have an in-depth understanding of all the terms related to your scheme. They’re on hand to guide you and review your scheme every step of the way.
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    Save money

    Our pricing is low and transparent (a fraction of the cost of lawyers and accountants). Unlimited expert help is included - no hidden costs.
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    Build your dream team

    Make your company a great place to work by giving share options. Our EMI plan includes a portal to help option holders stay engaged and motivated.
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    Boost efficiency

    Create and run your scheme on one automated platform, save time using our guided workflow and eliminate errors. Your scheme is customisable and fully compliant with HMRC.
  • Employee share option schemes made easy

    The most tax-efficient option scheme for your staff - and for you

    Join over 14,000 UK companies using EMI schemes.

    • tickAttract, retain and motivate staff
    • tickAlign your team with your company goals
    • tickGet Corporation Tax relief for your company
    • tickGrant tax-advantaged options to your staff
    Set up EMI share scheme

    The easy way to create and run your EMI scheme

    Generate all the documents automatically. Our EMI experts check the details for you and they're on hand if you need any help.

    • tickBuild and customise your scheme
    • tickSign and store all the documents on SeedLegals
    • tickAdd new joiners anytime, issue option grants instantly
    • tickView options issued and exercised
    EMI share option schemes

    Employee dashboard for your team

    With our easy-to-use option holder portal, employees can watch the worth of their options grow and track vesting.

    • tickEmployee portal included in your membership
    • tick Keep employees motivated and engaged
    • tickFor options holders: track vesting
    • tickFor options holders: use the calculator to see what options would be worth for any valuation
    Fast and accurate EMI valuation

    Get an accurate valuation and the best deal for your staff

    Our valuation tool builds your EMI valuation report in minutes to help you achieve the best possible discount for your employees - up to 70%.

    • tickGet an accurate EMI valuation for your company and employees
    • tickTrust our proven, HMRC-compliant process
    • tickSpeed up your EMI valuation and get approved fast
    Tripartite agreement - coming soon 2023

    Want to offer options from your own shares?

    Tripartite agreements allow you to allocate options against your personal shares so you can grant options without diluting other shareholders.

    • tickGrant options to employees from your own equity
    • tickAdd on to your EMI scheme
    • tickAsk us for help with tripartite grants - coming soon
    EMI scheme help

    Unlimited expert help is included

    Our team of EMI experts is on hand to guide you where needed, answer your questions and review your documents.

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    • tickTalk to us via chat, phone, email or video call
    • tickAsk us anything - we're here 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday

    How to set up your EMI scheme

    • Log in or register

      It takes less than 3 minutes to create your SeedLegals account

    • Create EMI option pool

      Set aside a slice of equity to share with your team

    • Set EMI scheme rules

      Choose how your team's options will vest and when they can be exercised

    • Get an expert review

      We'll review everything in your scheme, so you can be confident it's right for you and your team

    • Pass board resolution

      It's quick to get everything signed and sealed on SeedLegals


    Frequently asked questions about EMI share option schemes

    • What is an EMI share option scheme?

      The EMI share option scheme is an HMRC initiative that allows UK businesses to give share options to their employees with significant tax benefits. It’s designed to support smaller businesses and make granting equity easier as a tool to attract and incentivise staff.

      You can read more about EMI schemes in our article: Share options explained: the essential guide for UK startups
    • How do I set up an EMI scheme?

      On SeedLegals it’s easy - and we’ll help you at every step.

      1. Find out if you qualify for EMI (read our post You can read more about EMI schemes in our article Does your company qualify for an EMI option scheme?

      2. Create your option pool

      3. Create your option scheme in minutes using our guided workflow

      4. Choose vesting and exercise rules

      5. Pass a board resolution to adopt the option scheme

      6. Grant the options

      7. Enter your team members’ details and details of the option grant

      8. Send out the option agreements to your team for signatures

      9. Log in any time to view your scheme at a glance and add new option holders in minutes
    • What do SeedLegals EMI experts help with?

      Our EMI experts have helped thousands of companies create their schemes. The team has an in-depth understanding of HMRC’s guidelines and all the terms in your EMI scheme. We can help you:

      • Decide on types of options to offer

      • Set the exercise price

      • Determine vesting periods

      • Review your documents and scheme

      • Answer any questions

      We set up 1 in 4 EMI schemes in the UK, so we have plenty of experience to draw on.
    • What are the tax benefits of EMI options for my business?

      Each company and individual is unique so we recommend you consult your accountant or tax specialist.

      With an EMI option scheme, your company can claim Corporation Tax relief when the employee sells the shares and when they exercise the shares (if those shares were granted at a discount).

      • If you grant an employee options at the actual market value (AMV), the Income Tax charge when they exercise the options is zero, so there is no Corporation Tax deduction in this scenario.

      • If you grant an employee options at a discount, the Income Tax they pay is on the difference between the actual market value (AMV) and the discount. Your company can claim Corporation Tax relief equal to the Income Tax amount the employee paid.

      • If an employee sells the shares, they will pay Capital Gains Tax. Your company can claim a further Corporation Tax deduction equal to the amount of Capital Gains Tax the employee paid.

      You can read more about this in our article: Tax implications on share option schemes.
    • What are the tax benefits of EMI options for employees?

      Each individual is unique so we recommend you consult your accountant or tax specialist.

      HMRC’s very popular EMI scheme allows tax advantages for both employees and companies that are eligible for the scheme. The tax advantages of EMI options for employees include:

      • No Income Tax or National Insurance Contributions (NIC) is charged when the options are granted

      • If the employee exercises their options at the pre-agreed market value (AMV) with HMRC, they won’t pay Income Tax or NIC on exercise either

      • If the employee has held their options or shares for at least two years before they sell them, the Capital Gains Tax they pay on sale will be reduced from 20% to 10%

      You can read more about this in our article Tax implications on share option schemes.
    • What are the qualifying conditions for an EMI scheme for companies?

      • You must be actively trading and have a permanent establishment in the UK

      • You must have fewer than 250 full-time employees when the EMI options are granted

      • Your company must have £30 million or less in gross assets

      • You must not have already allocated over £3 million worth of EMI shares

      • You must not be owned by a parent (holding) company or under the control of another company

      • If you have a subsidiary company, it must also meet the EMI qualification requirements

      • You must notify HMRC within 92 days of granting the options

      • Your company must not carry out a substantial amount of the ‘excluded activities’. You can find the list of excluded activities at the website

      To see the full list of EMI rules, head over to the HMRC manual for EMI schemes.
    • What are the qualifying conditions for an EMI scheme for employees?

      • They are a legal employee on your PAYE payroll

      • They work at least 25 hours a week or 75% of their weekly working time

      • They hold less than 30% of all company shares

      • The total market value of the options they hold doesn’t exceed £250,000
    • How much does it cost to set up an EMI scheme?

      Traditionally, setting up an EMI option scheme was expensive: it could cost up to £5,000 to £10,000. You’d need to hire a law firm to draft the scheme rules and bring an accountant in to draft a valuation for submission to HMRC. This could take months and you’d be on your own when managing the scheme with HMRC.

      SeedLegals has changed all this. Using our platform, you can create your EMI scheme, set vesting conditions, have law-firm-quality legal drafts, a market-leading valuation, and get help with all the ongoing management of the scheme. This comes at a fraction of the cost of lawyers or accountants: with SeedLegals it’s £2,490 per year to set up, grant and manage your options. . To run your scheme, you’ll need a SeedLegals Options Subscription, which includes a range of services and discounts.
    • What is the share options calculator and how does it work?

      The SeedLegals options dashboard makes it easy for your team to understand the value of their options.

      When you share the Option Agreement with a team member, they will get an invitation with a link to create their own SeedLegals account.

      On their dashboard, your option holders can see the vesting status of their allocation, their Option Agreement, Option Certificate and Share Certificate (after they have exercised their options).

      As well as this, they can use the options calculator. The calculator helps answer two common questions: how much are their options worth based on a specified valuation (they can type in any valuation to model different scenarios), and how much it would cost to exercise a given number of their vested options.

      For more information about this helpful tool, see our article about the options dashboard and calculator.

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