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Simplify your board tasks

Effortless governance and compliance, in just a few clicks

  • Icon People

    Hold a board meeting

    • Set and share the agenda
    • Record your discussion using our Board Minutes template
    • Add outcomes to agenda items (Approved, Not Approved)
    • Sign the minutes

  • Team Agreement

    Add or remove a director

    • Generate AP01 and TM01 forms to send to Companies House
    • Automatically add appointments and terminations to Board Minutes
    • Get step-by-step help with any additional forms

  • Icon Overview

    Change director details

    • Select the director
    • Enter their new details
    • Generate a new form to send to Companies House

  • Document 2

    Create annual Confirmation Statement

    • Get the CS01 form to send to Companies House
    • Auto-fill using information from your Cap Table

  • Shape
    Free templates for board documents

    Streamlined, speedy admin at every stage

    Exactly what you need - before, during and after board meetings. We make it easy to carry out your director duties, practise good governance and run productive board meetings.

    • tickAutomated agenda builder
    • tickTemplated board meeting minutes
    • tickAuto-generated forms for Companies House
    Section 1 Manage Your Board Edit
    Unlimited help to manage your board

    Chat online anytime with our experts

    Need some help with board tasks? Not sure how to appoint or terminate a director or what documents to send to Companies House? Our team of experts are on hand to chat online, by phone or video call.

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    • tickUnlimited help included in all memberships - no extra cost
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    Board document management

    Create, share and manage board documents

    Save your energy for corporate strategy. Build board documents in a few clicks, upload and store your confidential files securely online and share with attendees via the SeedLegals platform.

    • tickDocuments written and reviewed by our experts
    • tickAutomated, customisable, compliant documents
    • tickSecure shared access for paperless meetings
    Section 3 Manage Your Board Edit

    How to manage your board...

    • Create your SeedLegals account

    • Go to Board and select a task

    • Answer a few quick questions to create your documents

    • Get unlimited help from our experts

    • Send, store and share your documents on SeedLegals

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    FAQs - Manage your board

    • What admin tasks can I do with the SeedLegals board management tools?

      SeedLegals makes it easy to manage every aspect of running your board. On SeedLegals you can:

      Hold a board meeting
      • Build the agenda - choose pre-set agenda items or write your own
      • Share the agenda with all directors
      • Use the board meeting minutes template to track the outcome of each item
      • Sign the minutes to approve them and officially close your board meeting

      Appoint a new director
      • Create a customised contract for the non-executive director
      • Generate a pre-filled AP01 form for Companies House
      • We automatically add this appointment as an approved item to your Board Minutes

      Remove a director from your board
      • Generate a pre-filled TM01 form for Companies House
      • We automatically add this as an approved item to your Board Minutes

      Change a director’s details
      • Quickly update a director’s name, address, occupation and nationality
      • Generate the pre-filled form to send to Companies House

      Create your annual Confirmation Statement
      • Generate your pre-filled CS01 form to send to Companies House every year
      • We automatically add information from your cap table
    • What agenda items can I add automatically to my board agenda?

      On SeedLegals you can add the following common agenda items to your agenda - with just one click:

      • Enter into a loan agreement
      • Review health and safety processes
      • Review current office lease
      • Review quarterly accounts
      • Review annual accounts
      • Creating a new subsidiary
      • Entering a new market
      • Discuss potential investment into the company
      • Entry into a partnership
      • Appointment of a new CEO
      • Appointment of a new CFO
      • Appointment of a new COO
      • Approve the business plan
      • Discuss company holiday plans
      • Update the board on the latest company progress

    • What is a board portal?

      A board portal, also known as board management software or board reporting software, is a set of tools that help you plan and manage board meetings.

      A major benefit of using board portal software is that your board meeting materials are in one place and stored securely on the cloud. This makes it easy to share documents with your leadership teams so they can come prepared for more productive board meetings.

      Board management software allows you to track each action as it happens to support good governance.
    • How much does SeedLegals board management software cost?

      You can try us for free for seven days!

      When you register with SeedLegals, you’ll have seven days of free access to all our templates, plus built-in guidance and help from our team.

      To carry on using our board management tools after seven days, you’ll need to be a SeedLegals Standard or Plus member.
    • What are the legal obligations of company directors?

      The board of directors steers the company and formally oversees performance and activities.

      Directors must follow seven principles, according to the Company Act 2006:

      • Act within powers
        As set out in the company’s Articles of Association
      • Promote the long-term success of the company
        Make decisions that aim to benefit the company and its members as a whole, rather than one group of shareholders, for example
      • Exercise independent judgement
        You can of course accept advice but you are still responsible for forming your own view
      • Exercise reasonable care, skill and diligence
        Take your duty to the board and the company seriously
      • Avoid conflicts of interest
        Don’t put yourself in a position where you, your family or associates personally benefit from a decision the board makes
      • Declare existing or prospective interests
        Let the board know if there might be a potential conflict of interest
      • Don’t accept benefits from third parties
        Stay impartial as a decision-maker
      You can read more about the duties of a director on the website
    • What documents does the board need to send to Companies House?

      The board of directors is legally responsible for making sure Companies House has correct and up-to-date information about the company.

      The board is responsible for sending:

      • the Confirmation Statement (CS01 form)
      • annual report and accounts
      • any change to the Articles of Association
      • any change to your company’s directors or their personal details
      • a change to your company’s registered office address
      • allotment of shares
      • registration of charges (ie a mortgage)
      • any change in the details of your company’s people with significant control (PSC)

      SeedLegals board software makes it simple to stay on top of your Companies House filings. Generate pre-filled forms and create board documents from our templates, and store them all in one place on SeedLegals. You can give secure access to your board papers to whoever needs it.
    • Is it a legal requirement to take board meeting minutes?

      Yes, in the UK it is a legal requirement to record minutes and keep them for 10 years.

      Board meeting minutes serve as a legal record of the discussions and decisions that happen at the board meeting, and you’ll want to take meticulous minutes to show that you’re carrying out your legal duties as a director.

      You can use the SeedLegals meeting minutes template to make sure you’re capturing everything you need.
    • When do we need to have a board meeting?

      Essentially, whenever a decision needs to be made that requires board approval. Which decisions need sign-off depend on the terms in your company’s Articles of Association.

      There is no legal requirement to hold regular board meetings but most companies hold quarterly or monthly meetings.
    • What is the structure of a board?

      The size and structure of a company’s board changes as the company grows.

      In a startup’s early stages, the founders are usually the only directors and ‘board meetings’ are informal.

      Our board management tools make it easy to formalise board resolutions when you need to. Simply log in to SeedLegals, open the Board tab and follow the steps to Hold a Board Meeting. You can then record your actions and board resolutions in the Board Minutes and sign them. In the eyes of Companies House, this is a quick way to make official the decisions you’ve reached with your co-founders.

      After you’ve completed a funding round, you might find you need more structure in your corporate governance processes.

      Sometimes an investor will request a seat or seats on your board as a condition of their investment, or you might decide to give a seat to an outside advisor with relevant experience.

      You can read more about the different types of board members who make up a larger board in our article: Board of directors: roles and responsibilities

    • What is a board resolution?

      A board resolution is the formal outcome of your discussions in your board meeting. After board members vote to pass the agenda item or not, the result is recorded in your Board Minutes as a board resolution.
    • What is a board pack?

      A board pack refers to the meeting materials a board member receives in advance of the board meeting to help them make informed decisions.

      Board packs are an important part of board meeting preparation.

      A board pack typically contains:
      • board meeting deck
      • agenda
      • financial report
      • pending action items
      • board resolutions up for debate

      Coming soon to SeedLegals:
      We’re adding a paperless board pack feature to SeedLegals, so you can upload and share your entire board pack easily, as well as build your agenda and sign your minutes.

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