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Seamlessly manage investment legals

We make leading investments simple. Build your investment proposal, negotiate terms and manage investment legals in one streamlined workflow for unlimited deals. No billable hours, no expensive back and forth with lawyers - just a monthly fee and a lightning-fast focus on getting the deal done.

  • UK #1

    closer of funding rounds

  • 35,000+

    companies funded

  • £1.3B+

    in investments closed

  • 1 in 6

    UK rounds closed on SeedLegals

Send your investment proposal

Set deal terms and send to investee instantly

Pick your terms and we build your investment proposal. Join 40+ leading VCs and enable 1-click provisions so we can have your custom standard terms ready automatically.

  • tickSuitable for pre-seed to Series A+ rounds
  • tickReview faster and see differences highlighted
  • tickComment on the doc to query or counter-propose
  • tickOptimised for mobile - negotiate on the go
  • tickNeed negotiation support? Add our Advisory Service for expert legal advice
Seal the deal online

Close investment in record time

After the Term Sheet is agreed, we instantly generate all the documents you need to sign including the Disclosure Letter, Shareholders Agreement and Articles of Association.

  • tickUse templates created and vetted by lawyers
  • tickHave your nominee structure seamlessly integrated into the documents
  • tickNo need to chase your investees - all the filings your investee company needs are instantly generated and come with helpful guides
  • tickDesigned with SEIS/EIS in mind so you get your tax relief quickly and easily
Startup funding made simple

Manage your whole portfolio seamlessly

See the status of all your investments, send new investment proposals in a few clicks and run your deal flow. On SeedLegals, it’s fast, simple and cost-effective to manage the whole investment process.

  • tickGet instant notifications when a deal progresses
  • tickSee all your deal legals and cap tables in one place
  • tickDefine roles and access for team members
  • tickSave thousands in legals and accounting fees
SeedLegals Advisory Service

Looking for specialist legal advice?

If you need a dedicated lawyer to support with negotiation and bespoke drafting for either the founder side, or on behalf of your fund, our Advisory Service can provide you with high quality legal advice, priced efficiently. Get in touch with the experts at [email protected] to learn more.

SeedLegals Deal Manager

How it works

For a monthly fee, funds can manage their end-to-end legals for as many investments as needed, with unlimited support and half the traditional costs.

Read more on how Deal Manager works.

  • tickBuild and send an Investment Proposal
  • tickGenerate the SHA, Articles and ancillaries
  • tickNegotiate terms on platform via direct comments
  • tickNeed negotiation support? Add our Advisory Service for expert legal advice on top
  • tickE-sign all documents on platform seamlessly
  • tickLooking at the next deal? Take a shortcut and clone initial terms from your past investment
Raise Round Dealterms 25m 80k (1)
Not just for standard funding rounds

Want to invest outside a round?

We make investment easy - before, after or instead of a formal round. Join the many funds and incubators offering agile funding solutions to investee companies.

  • tickInject quick cash for equity on simple terms with Instant Investment
  • tickInvest ahead of a round with SeedFAST (our ASA) or a YC SAFE for UK companies
  • tickLooking for a return of capital or interest? Invest with SeedNOTE, our convertible loan note
  • tickSupport token development with SeedSAFT

How to run your deals on SeedLegals

  • Create an account

    Sign up or get in touch directly with our team, and we’ll guide you through each step.

  • Send your offer

    Choose your terms, build your investment proposal and send it instantly to the founder.

  • We get your investee investment ready

    We’ll help the founder set up their cap table and guide them through the process with unlimited help.

  • We generate all the documents

    When your investee company has agreed heads of terms, they can go ahead and create the Shareholder Agreement, Articles of Association and all other necessary documents.

  • Sign online instantly

    Send, sign and store all your investment deal documentation in one place on SeedLegals.

  • Track the status of your investments

    Keep track of what stage each of your investments is at and quickly see what the next step is.

  • Your deal is finalised

    Your investee company will wrap things up by submitting a Board and Shareholders Resolution and SH01, and completing SEIS/EIS compliance so you and your nominees can claim the tax relief.


Find out more about how to run your deal on SeedLegals

  • What is SeedLegals?

    SeedLegals is the leading legaltech platform where founders and investors come to close a funding round. You and the founder agree the terms of your investment deal, select them on the platform and we build all the commercial and legal docs instantly.

    Our intuitive workflow and guide text make every step simple, and our customer support team are close at hand if you or your investee need any further support.

    Quick intro to SeedLegals

    • We launched in April 2017
    • In April 2019, we closed a £3M Series A deal with Index Ventures as the lead investor (on SeedLegals of course)
    • Based in Holborn, we’re 152 people and growing fast
    • The tax return for the accounting period of your R&D claim
    • We’re now the largest closer of funding rounds in the UK (closing around 1-2 rounds every day)
    • We also help companies do their SEIS/EIS Advance Assurance and Compliance. In fact, around 1 in 6 of all SEIS/EIS applications in the UK come through SeedLegals
    • 35,000+ startups and 25,000+ investors use SeedLegals
    • We’re active in the UK, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland
  • What does using SeedLegals cost me for the round?

    Investors get a discount on the prices shown on our pricing page. No double fees for investee and investor mean cutting costs in half. To talk to our team about how much you’ll pay for your round or rounds, please get in touch.
  • Does SeedLegals have actual lawyers?

    Yes! We’re not a law firm, but our extremely experienced legal team creates and reviews all the documentation available at SeedLegals. They’re also on-hand to assist with wording, deal points or unforeseen complications as and when needed.

    We do separately offer a funding round advisory service for larger, more complex rounds. This gives you a bank of hours with a qualified lawyer who can give you specific legal advice on your round. Get in touch at [email protected] to see if your round is eligible.
  • Does SeedLegals have professional indemnity insurance?

    Yes. PII covers claims up to £2 million.
  • Do you only do seed deals?

    No - our automated workflows speed up the back and forth in any funding round. More seed deals take place in the UK than later stage rounds, and our customer data reflects that. But we also support many larger rounds of £1M+ and Series A and beyond.
  • Do you just have templates?

    Our documents are based on BVCA standard model documents, and have been comprehensively reviewed by literally thousands of lawyers and investors. We’ve refined these further to create the popular UK standard. Our documents must be the most reviewed of any!

    Although we start with these templates, we know that larger rounds and VCs often require certain provisions and specific wording. Wherever possible, we accommodate these changes. But because we are committed to making funding rounds more economical (in time and money) through automation, we try to avoid in-depth cosmetic changes without good reason.

    Many leading VCs have their one-click wording and terms already coded into our platform, which makes it super easy for the founder and investor from the start. Get in touch if you would like yours to be added.
  • Which jurisdictions do you support for funding rounds?

    We currently support the UK, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.
  • How can I use SeedLegals as an investor?

    If you’re keen to save yourself - and your investees - time and money when drafting and reviewing legal documents, SeedLegals is the place to do your deal.

    Once you’ve agreed terms with your new investee, simply ask them to use SeedLegals for the round, introduce them to a member of the team to get them set up and create the Term Sheet for your deal. Many VC investors manage their whole portfolio of investment deals through SeedLegals so get in touch to discuss how we can help.

You’re in safe hands

Our team of legal and funding experts have helped thousands of entrepreneurs raise money and grow their businesses.

  • Beautifully organised

    Your company's core agreements, all in one place

  • Secure signatures

    Share and collect signatures online via SeedLegals

  • Backed by real lawyers

    Create the exact documents you need at every stage of growth

  • Serious about security

    Your information stays safe and confidential in our secure system

  • Helpful humans

    Talk to one of our friendly team anytime on live chat

  • Extra protection

    Don't worry, our insurance covers claims related to our platform

We’ve helped over 50,000

From food to FinTech and beyond, join thousands of startups who use SeedLegals to start, raise and grow faster.

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More customer stories
  • Louise Doherty

    The reality is you’re on a journey; fundraising is so much about the narrative. SeedLegals allows you to tell the right story at the right time with the right legal documents for different types of investors.

    Louise Doherty

    Founder & CEO, Yoller

  • Qure

    SeedLegals held our hand through complex investor negotiations and even picked up on some errors produced by our previous lawyers which were a well-known City law firm!

    Alex Templeton

    Founder & CEO, Qured

  • Pluto

    One of the great things about SeedLegals is that it is designed to be appropriate for the round and the stage of the business. They keep it simple. It feels like they really understand that.

    Alex Rainey

    Co-founder & CEO, Pluto

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  • Thefamily

    How do I get all the businesses I invest in to use SeedLegals?

    Alexander Wyndham

    Angel Investor , The Family

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  • Darren Trimit

    It's easy to forget about the legal side of things but SeedLegals make things really easy to understand. The team at SeedLegals are truly amazing.

    Darren Tenkorang

    Founder, TRIM-IT

    Trim It
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    There’s an opportunity to reach a specialist advisor via chat, phone and email to check in on anything. The SeedLegals team were extremely responsive – really amazing.

    Emilie Vanpoperinghe

    Co-Founder, OddBox

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