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Ready to sell your startup? Our Exit service packages all the documents you need - from the Heads of Terms and Share Purchase Agreement to the J30 and new share certificates - with unlimited support from our friendly experts.

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The simple way to sell your company

Create your legal documents instantly

Forget billable hours and expensive back-and-forth with a traditional law firm. With us, it's quick, simple and more cost-effective to create, auto-update and sign all the documents to sell your business successfully.

  • tickGenerate documents in minutes
  • tickNegotiate and auto-update terms
  • tickAutomatically calculate and adjust entitlements and payouts
  • tickGet documents reviewed by our experts
Founder-friendly, buyer-ready legal documents

Lead the deal with the Heads of Terms

Instantly create every agreement with every term exactly how you want it. Our specialists are on hand to guide you through the terms so you can choose what's right for your company. Send to potential buyers with an optional NDA.

  • tickAnswer the questionnaire to build your Heads of Terms
  • tickUse the built-in guidance to choose terms
  • tickLearn from our data: discover which terms are standard and when to push back
SeedLegals Data Room

Seamless and speedy due diligence

Make DD as easy as possible for your buyer. Create the due diligence checklist, disclosures and warranties on SeedLegals. Store, organise and share all the documents securely in your Data Room.

  • tickCreate your due diligence checklist
  • tickAdd files to your Data Room, grant and revoke access
  • tickAgree warranties, sign disclosure letter
Sell your company with SeedLegals

Close your deal in record time

Free up your time and declutter your inbox and documents - with us, legal admin is effortless. Share, e-sign and store all documents securely on SeedLegals.

  • tickCreate, share and sign Board Resolution
  • tickComplete J30 form for share transfer
  • tickCalculate any stamp duty to pay
  • tickApprove share transfers
  • tickIssue new share certificates
Unlimited support

Chat online with our experts

Need some help? Not sure how to push back when negotiating with your buyers? Confused about 'earn-out consideration'? Our expert team is here to guide you through the sale of your company, with unlimited support from start to finish.

  • tickTalk to us via chat, phone, email or video call
  • tickUnlimited help included - no extra cost
  • tickAsk us anything - we're here 9am to 6pm, Mon to Fri

How to sell your company on SeedLegals

  • Log in or register

    It takes less than 3 minutes to create your SeedLegals account

  • Build your Heads of Terms

    Fill in the questionnaire to build your Heads of Terms

  • Find a buyer

    We can't find a buyer for you - but we can refer you to an acquisition marketplace

  • Get unlimited support

    Our expert team is here to explain deal terms and guide you through the sale of your company

  • Generate the documents

    When your buyer has signed the Heads of Terms and optional NDA, go ahead to generate all the other documents

  • Complete the sale

    When the buyer has paid, approve the share transfer and issue a new share certificate to the buyer

FAQs - Exit

Frequently asked questions about selling your company

  • How much does it cost to sell my company with SeedLegals?

    You'll pay a non-refundable deposit of £2,990 + VAT and when the sale is complete, £7,000 + VAT plus 0.1% of the value of the company sale.

    We charge the company but you can ask the buyer to pay our fees - you'll need to settle this outside of your agreements on SeedLegals.

    You must also have an active annual membership with SeedLegals: Plus or Standard:
    • Plus costs £999 + VAT per year
    • Standard costs £499 + VAT per year
    Find out what's included at our Pricing page
  • Can SeedLegals find a buyer for my company?

    No, we can't find a buyer for your company. You can use the SeedLegals Exit service to create, sign and store all the legal documents for your sale - you find the buyer, we'll be ready to help with the paperwork.

    If you'd like some links to online startup acquisition marketplaces, hit the chat button (bottom right of the screen) to ask us. Good places to start are Foundy, Acquire and Flippa.
  • Is negotiation and legal advice included?

    No, legal advice and support in negotiations is not included in the price for our Exit service.

    Unlimited help is included - our friendly experts can help you create the documents you need, explain deal terms and guide you on what terms are standard and what to push back on.
  • Can SeedLegals value my company for sale? How do I calculate the exit valuation for my company?

    Just like with a funding round, a fair valuation for your business balances both tangible factors (profits, turnover, etc) and intangible factors (your brand’s reputation, the current economic climate and so on).

    To determine your company valuation when you're preparing to sell, we recommend you speak to your accountant in the first instance. It can also be helpful to get an external perspective on your business by engaging an independent, qualified business appraiser. You’ll then be able to confidently defend the figure in your negotiations with potential buyers.
  • What happens if the sale of my company falls through?

    We hope that doesn't happen!

    If you've already paid the deposit for our Exit service, this is non-refundable. You would not have to pay the balance.
  • I have a US / international buyer - can I still use SeedLegals Exit?

    Yes - but your buyer will need to accept that the Share Purchase Agreement they will sign is governed by UK law.
  • Is SeedLegals Exit all I need to sell my company? Do I need anyone else?

    It depends on the complexity of your sale. Especially for higher value deals, we recommend you seek independent financial and tax advice from qualified specialists.
  • Help, my question isn't answered here...

    Email us at [email protected] - we'll be happy to help.

You’re in safe hands

Our team of legal and funding experts have helped thousands of entrepreneurs raise money and grow their businesses.

  • Beautifully organised

    Your company's core agreements, all in one place

  • Secure signatures

    Share and collect signatures online via SeedLegals

  • Backed by real lawyers

    Create the exact documents you need at every stage of growth

  • Serious about security

    Your information stays safe and confidential in our secure system

  • Helpful humans

    Talk to one of our friendly team anytime on live chat

  • Extra protection

    Don't worry, our insurance covers claims related to our platform

We’ve helped over 50,000

From food to FinTech and beyond, join thousands of startups who use SeedLegals to start, raise and grow faster.

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  • Louise Doherty

    The reality is you’re on a journey; fundraising is so much about the narrative. SeedLegals allows you to tell the right story at the right time with the right legal documents for different types of investors.

    Louise Doherty

    Founder & CEO, Yoller

  • Qure

    SeedLegals held our hand through complex investor negotiations and even picked up on some errors produced by our previous lawyers which were a well-known City law firm!

    Alex Templeton

    Founder & CEO, Qured

  • Pluto

    One of the great things about SeedLegals is that it is designed to be appropriate for the round and the stage of the business. They keep it simple. It feels like they really understand that.

    Alex Rainey

    Co-founder & CEO, Pluto

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  • Thefamily

    How do I get all the businesses I invest in to use SeedLegals?

    Alexander Wyndham

    Angel Investor , The Family

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  • Darren Trimit

    It's easy to forget about the legal side of things but SeedLegals make things really easy to understand. The team at SeedLegals are truly amazing.

    Darren Tenkorang

    Founder, TRIM-IT

    Trim It
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    There’s an opportunity to reach a specialist advisor via chat, phone and email to check in on anything. The SeedLegals team were extremely responsive – really amazing.

    Emilie Vanpoperinghe

    Co-Founder, OddBox

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