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SEIS/EIS compliance

SEIS/EIS compliance made simple

Give investors their SEIS/EIS tax relief the quick and easy way. Auto-complete forms, share and sign everything online and get unlimited expert help.


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    SEIS/EIS tax relief made easy

    Get your investors their tax relief, without hours of paperwork

    After a funding round, use SeedLegals to make things easy for you and your investors by sharing compliance certificates in a few clicks.

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    Here’s how it works

    • Create SEIS1/EIS1

      After your funding round, create the forms on SeedLegals in minutes. Then download and send to HMRC

    • Receive SEIS2/EIS2 form from HMRC

      Within 6 to 8 weeks, you’ll get your SEIS2/EIS2 form with an authorisation code from HMRC

    • Get SEIS/EIS certificate

      Generate your SEIS3/EIS3 certificate instantly on SeedLegals

    • Share with investors

      Share the SEIS/EIS certificate with investors in one click so they can claim their tax relief

    FAQs- SEIS/EIS compliance

    • What are SEIS and EIS?

      The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) are UK government initiatives which grant private investors a significant tax break when investing in early-stage, ‘high-risk’ companies.

      Most investors in the UK will only invest in these types of companies if they are SEIS/EIS compliant, so it should be a priority for founders seeking investment.
      You can learn more in our SEIS and EIS essential read for UK startups and Our complete guide to SEIS.
    • What's the difference between SEIS and EIS?

      Both the SEIS and EIS encourage investment in UK businesses. The difference between the schemes is the type of company they cover, and how much tax relief investors get.

      The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme is for investments in early-stage companies.

      The Enterprise Investment Scheme is for investments in medium-sized startups.

      With both schemes, investors can invest in qualifying companies in return for Income Tax relief. For SEIS, they can invest up to £100,000 per tax year for 40% tax relief.
      For EIS, it’s up to £1 million per tax year for 30% tax relief.

      For both SEIS and EIS, investors pay no Capital Gains Tax on any profit they make from selling their shares, as long as they’ve held the shares for at least three years.

      Learn more in our Our complete guide to SEIS.
    • How are SEIS/EIS compliance and advance assurance different?

      SEIS/EIS Advance Assurance is confirmation from HMRC for your investors that your company is eligible for SEIS or EIS funding. Before you offer SEIS or EIS investment opportunities, you should apply to HMRC for SEIS/EIS Advance Assurance with SeedLegals.

      SEIS/EIS Compliance is the official certification from HMRC that investments in your company qualify for the scheme (i.e. your company is SEIS/EIS compliant).

      For your company to remain SEIS/EIS compliant, you must stay eligible and follow the scheme rules for at least three years after the investment(s), otherwise, HMRC can withhold or withdraw the tax reliefs from your investors.

      You can read more about how SEIS and EIS work on the HMRC website.
    • Do all my investors need an SEIS/EIS compliance certificate?

      It depends. For an investor to get SEIS/EIS tax relief, they must meet certain criteria, so it’s possible not all of your investors will qualify.

      For more about the SEIS/EIS eligibility criteria for investors, read our article: SEIS and EIS rules for startup investors.
    • When can investors claim their SEIS/EIS relief?

      Investors can claim their SEIS/EIS tax relief for the tax year their shares were issued. To keep your investors happy, it’s smart to do your SEIS/EIS compliance promptly - your investors need their certificates to complete their tax returns and get the tax relief.
    • I have multiple investors - do I have to pay more to do SEIS/EIS compliance with SeedLegals?

      No. Whether you have one investor or one thousand investors, our SEIS/EIS compliance service costs the same. When you have authorisation from HMRC, you can issue certificates on SeedLegals for as many investors as you like.
    • Help! I’m stuck with SEIS/EIS compliance!

      We can help. Hit the chat button to message our friendly team. We do more SEIS/EIS compliance than anyone else - we can help get your SEIS/EIS compliance done quickly and easily.

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