per month

Team Plan

Perfect for when you're just starting out and hiring your team or preparing for your first round.

Founder Service Agreement Founder Share Vesting
Employment Agreement
Consultancy Agreement
IP Assignment
Mutual NDA
Cap Table



per funding round

Term Sheet +

Complete set-up on SeedLegals, a funding round consultation, and everything you need to get to a signed term sheet with your investors.

Investor Disclaimers
Due Diligence Checklist
Cap Table set up
Share Register
Share Split
Exit scenario modelling
Add a Stock Options Pool
Add investors and shareholders
Build your Term Sheet


per funding round

Close Round

End-to-end funding round management, and assistance every step of the way from funding and legal experts.

Shareholders Agreement
Articles of Association
Warranties + Disclosure Schedule
Shareholder Resolution
Board Minutes
Deed of Adherence
Register of Directors
Shareholder Register
1-click Share Certificates
File SH01 + SH02