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Funding Guides Published:  Feb 1, 2019 1 min read

What will investors ask you once the PowerPoint ends?

There are hundreds of articles on the perfect pitch deck.  Do you need a business plan and financials in your pitch deck? Present the team or the product first? Does it really need to fit in 12 pages, or is 20 okay?

Go read a dozen or so and form your own view. Here are a couple of places to get started:

But the pitch deck is just the foot in the door.

Once you have a meeting with an investor they’re going to ask you not just about your vision, product and team, but if there’s any interest then they’ll ask lots of nitty gritty details about your core business structure. Be prepared to answer questions on:

  • IP Assignment
  • Founder Share Vesting Schedule
  • Company Articles
  • EIS / SEIS Compliance
  • Your Cap Table
  • Due Diligence on Founders and Team

That’s where SeedLegals can really help you. We’ll help you build that cap table, do your IP assignment, create the perfect set of Articles for your business, be totally knowledgeable on those funding terms that you may get asked about, be ready with your Due Diligence questions, and, well, have as much as possible already set up in the SeedLegals database rather than having to hunt around for those documents in a shoe box.

In the best case, when a potential investors asks to see these documents you want to be able to say, sure, what’s your email address, great, you have an invite email to our SeedLegals profile, we’ve given you access to the cap table and other relevant documents, it’s all there.

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