Oliver Kicks is our expert contributor on all things related to venture capital funding. He’s a principal at Concept Ventures – the UK’s largest dedicated pre-seed fund.

Oliver started his career in Fintech where he worked at a cryptocurrency startup that builds cross-chain app deployment. He moved on to lead MobKitchen’s Reddit growth strategy, scaling their Subreddit to over 85,000 community members, after which he led a London-based B2B accelerator focusing on pre-seed companies and founders.

He joined Concept Ventures in 2019, where he leads their Play vertical, which actively invests in Games, Infrastructure, Studios, Entertainment, Network Effect and AI companies. He also leads Branding and Marketing at Concept Ventures.

Oliver invests for both work and play – he’s an angel/crypto investor, and when he’s not helping European startups grow, you’ll find him at a Fulham game or playing Apex legends.