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£1bn raised in startup funding on SeedLegals

Published:  May 4, 2022
Kirsty Macsween
Kirsty MacSween

Break out the cake and let’s celebrate – UK founders have raised over £1bn on SeedLegals🥳

It’s a huge milestone for us here at SeedLegals HQ, but more importantly that number (one BILLION pounds!) represents thousands of startup success stories across the UK and beyond.

We’re so proud to be part of your inspiring journeys. We first started automating the legals you need to start, grow and scale your business back in 2016. Since then we’ve:

  • worked with over 35,000 fast-growing companies
  • powered thousands of funding rounds
  • become the UK #1 for funding rounds and EMI Option Schemes
  • opened offices in France, Ireland, Hong Kong and Singapore
  • helped disruptors like Qured, Oddbox and Thursday accelerate their growth

Here are a few things we’ve reflected on as we looked back over our own company’s journey.

The future is agile

Traditional funding rounds just aren’t the best or only way to raise investment.

Anthony Rose

When we started SeedLegals our goal was to help companies do a funding round faster and more reliably. But now we joke that our goal is to help companies not do a funding round.

Instead of the existing 12-18 month go big or go bust fundraising cycle that founders dreaded, we’ve pioneered Agile Fundraising which has single-handedly transformed the way UK startups raise investment.

SeedLegals customers now raise as much before and after a funding round as in a funding round, allowing them to grow faster, give away less equity, and raise investment as needed.

Anthony Rose

Co-Founder and CEO,


With SeedLegals, it’s easy to raise before a round and top up a round outside of the traditional, stressful and time-consuming funding round cycle.

When your investors are ready to commit, you don’t want to hang around. With agile funding, you can send over documents ready to sign ASAP. Not only is SeedLegals the fastest way to do a funding round, we’re also the most flexible.

Digital over physical

When we looked through the data across the thousands of successful funding rounds that add up to £1bn, one stat in particular jumped out at us.

In 2021, companies focused on improving information-sharing and communication raised 5x more than the next-highest grossing sector.

That huge gap between comms and retail (#2 on our list) is a telling reminder of how valuable data has become. As we move further into a digital world, it’s more and more important that the way we do business is fast, flexible and frictionless.

Here are a couple more interesting points we pulled:

  • Of the startups that raised funding, 28% had at least one female founder, and 12% were led by an all-female team
  • The average age of founders in the most investable industries differed by sector. Overall, female founders were on average 45, while male founders averaged 38 years old

More than money

Investment is just one piece of the puzzle. We’re on a mission to make every aspect of setting up and scaling your company as time and cost-efficient as possible.

Anthony Rose

SeedLegals is also the #1 provider of EMI Option Schemes in the UK. We help companies get back their R&D cashback, and our Team feature helps companies easily hire people and manage their teams. And lots more coming soon.

Anthony Rose

Co-founder and CEO,


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