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Design at SeedLegals: how customers are part of our process

Published:  Jun 26, 2023
Suzanne Worthington
Suzanne Worthington

Behind the scenes here at HQ, we’re constantly evolving our design to make SeedLegals even easier and faster to use.

Earlier this year, we posted about the design evolution of share certificates on SeedLegals and coming soon this year, we’ll release more exciting design updates.

Front and centre in our design process is you, our members. Read on to find out how SeedLegals users are helping us validate our ideas, and how to join our panel.



Our disruption, your input

At SeedLegals, we’re aiming to build the ultimate platform for founders and investors. Like all disruptors, we’re not short of ideas. To keep us on the right track, we involve our community of users.

We gather your feedback from many sources: speaking to you on calls, at events, in group chats, via our inboxes and so on. Our teams work closely together to incorporate your feedback as we develop and improve our services. But to get more finely-detailed input about how SeedLegals works, we ask SeedLegals members to help us.

Here are a couple of examples of how our panel of founders have helped us recently:

Progress tracker: A/B testing 🤔❔

Some of the tasks you do on SeedLegals take a while and involve several players – for example, our experts review your documents or you have to wait for HMRC to approve something. Whether it’s SEIS Compliance, a funding round, setting up an option scheme, or any other task, we want to make it easier to understand exactly where you are in the task:

👣   know which steps you’ve completed, and what’s remaining

⏳   see an estimate of how long each step will take

📬  know who has your documents

📍  go back to where you left off next time you log in

⏩  know what to do next

We’ve been working on different ways to achieve this. We A/B tested ideas with founders on our panel and with their input, we refined our plans and out popped our super useful new progress tracker. It will look something like this:

Screenshot Progress Tracker Compliance
SEIS/EIS Compliance - design work in progress

A big thank you to the founders who tested our new progress tracker:

  • Henry Crosby from digital conveyancing specialists, Martello
    Martello produces instant, interactive reports for the housing market.
  • Ben Hanney from the dating app disruptor, tbc
    With tbc, there’s no swiping or endless chats – just great dates arranged in minutes.
  • Alexandra Journeau from hospitality tech company, Hop Technology
    A new retail solution and logistics network designed to increase hospitality businesses revenues and services.
  • Ann-Marie Kinlock from members club for modern parents, KindHaus
    At the company’s Family Clubhouse in Stoke Newington, parents can co-work while their kids are entertained.
  • Keith Neilson from AppFactor
    AppFactor helps companies auto-migrate systems to eliminate the time, risk and cost constraints of manually modernising business applications.
  • Andrew Weston from property disruptor, Rello
    Rello speeds up the typically slow process of buying and selling property.


Option pools: guerilla-style quick check 🥷⚡

Sometimes we only need to ask our panel for a quick reality check.

While we were working to improve and standardise option pools across all jurisdictions, we had a handful of quick ‘guerilla’ sessions with founders in the UK and France. Their input gave us the direction we needed on how best to display option pools for customers who set up and manage a share option scheme.

Thank you to the founders who tested our option pool improvements:

  • Eve Kekeh from baby clothes rental company, Bundlee
    Use Bundlee to rent clothes for kids from newborn to three years old.
  • Pedram Parhizkari from the investment intelligence and financial education app, Beurzbyte
    Beurzbyte empowers aspiring investors with the knowledge they need to make well-informed, confident and smarter investment decisions.


Join our panel

Would you like to be part of the panel helping us shape the future of our game-changing services? Here’s how it works:

  • Book the session
    One of our friendly researchers or designers will book a session with you.
    Either 30 or 60 minutes, in person or remote
  • Take a look
    Your SeedLegals contact will show you new design prototypes. The designs could be rough concepts, super polished nearly-finished designs, or somewhere in between. We usually show you a few alternatives so we can compare them.
  • Tell us what you think
    You play around with the designs and give us running commentary to review them. Tell us what you think: the good, the bad and the ugly, what’s missing and any other feedback you have.

We won’t contact you more than once every three months. Of course, you can always say no, or do more if you enjoy it.

Interested to find out more and take part? Email [email protected] with your name and company name, and we’ll be in touch.

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