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Hero Build Your First Sales Team
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How to build your first sales team

Published:  Jun 10, 2024
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    In this webinar, Anthony Rose, founder and CEO of SeedLegals, and Matthew Codd from Cosmic Partners discuss essential strategies for startup founders to build an effective sales team. They provide insights into transitioning from product development to sales, understanding customer needs, and creating a repeatable sales process.


    • Webinar Transcript

    Key Takeaways

    1. The Importance of Founder-Led Sales:

    • Founders need to be the first salespeople to understand customer needs directly.
    • Transitioning from building to selling is crucial for business growth.
    • Founders should focus on gaining early feedback and iterating on their product.

    2. Understanding Your Market and Personas:

    • Identify the type of business you want to build (e.g., solo entrepreneur vs. scalable enterprise).
    • Develop detailed personas for your target market to tailor your sales approach.
    • Use friendly conversations with potential customers to gather insights and refine your product and sales strategy.

    3. Effective Discovery and Qualification:

    • Conduct thorough discovery sessions to understand the true needs and motivations of your prospects.
    • Use frameworks like the 5 Whys to uncover the root problems your product can solve.
    • Maintain control of the conversation with a clear agenda and structured questions.

    4. Building a Multi-Channel Outreach Strategy:

    • Implement a multi-touchpoint approach to reach potential customers through various channels (email, LinkedIn, direct mail, etc.).
    • Personalise your outreach to stand out and show genuine interest in solving the prospect’s problems.
    • Use a combination of automated and handcrafted messages to increase engagement.

    5. Transitioning to a Sales Team:

    • Document your sales process to create a founder playbook for new hires.
    • Hire the right profile for your first salesperson – someone with grit and coachability.
    • Develop a backward sales plan to set clear targets and understand the steps needed to achieve them.

    Building a sales team is a critical step for startup founders looking to scale their business. By starting with founder-led sales, understanding your market, conducting effective discovery, and implementing a multi-channel outreach strategy, you can create a repeatable sales process. Transitioning to a dedicated sales team requires careful planning and documentation to ensure success. By following these strategies, you can effectively grow your business and achieve your sales targets.

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