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Selling your startup? How to make your company more acquirable

Published:  Jul 4, 2023
Kirsty Macsween
Kirsty MacSween

Selling your company is the final win for the ambitious founder. But several barriers block your route out – a lack of an obvious pool of potential buyers, expensive legal fees, a transaction process that’s difficult to understand and navigate.

We’re changing that with our friends at Foundy, the digital M&A marketplace and platform. By bringing all our combined tools and knowledge into one place, we make it faster, easier and cheaper for founders to sell their startups.

How to amplify your appeal to potential acquirers

To kick off this partnership, Anthony and Joe led a webinar exploring what you can do to make your business more acquirable and attractive to investors.

SeedLegals x Foundy

Sell your business the smart way

✅Get exit-ready with unlimited support from the SeedLegals team
✅List your business in front of thousands of potential buyers on Foundy
✅Close the deal fast with SeedLegals expert legal documents

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The old way of selling your business is inefficient and expensive

Finding a buyer for your business is challenging. Especially because you can’t shout about your intentions on LinkedIn. Equally, you still need enough exposure to find a serious candidate. Often this leads founders to resort to paying a broker a big sum of money to find a buyer for them.

Then it’s on to complex negotiations and an often painfully slow legal process to complete the deal. A law firm’s fees quickly mount up, and founders can get stuck with huge legal bills that eat into their payout.

Foundy and SeedLegals simplify the entire process, with end-to-end support

Our goal is to make selling your company as easy as it is to do a funding round on SeedLegals, with standardised, automated and customisable legal documents and unlimited help throughout. Earlier this year, we launched SeedLegals Exit to help founders exit faster and for far lower legal costs.

Anthony Rose

One of the hardest parts of being able to sell your company is finding a buyer. That’s why we’re happy to be working with Foundy, so founders can connect with buyers, complete the negotiations and tie the deal up with the correct legals much more quickly.

Anthony Rose

Co-Founder and CEO,


Foundy specialises in solving the problem of landing a buyer. On their platform, you can list your business anonymously in front of thousands of potential buyers and use Foundy’s expertise and tools to get the best deal possible.

How it works

Get exit ready with SeedLegals

Clean up your cap table. Check your cap table is ready for exit, with a review from the SeedLegals team. Our quick-to-build, easy-to-read Cap Table makes understanding ownership simple. And it’s fully integrated with the rest of our documents, so you can be confident the correct information pulls through automatically.

Put your terms on the table. With SeedLegals, it’s quick and simple to build your Heads of Terms. This document sets out your initial deal terms, and is a critical tool in your negotiations with potential buyers. Just answer a few questions and we’ll generate a document that’s ready to go. It’s easy to adjust the terms as you negotiate.

Make due diligence as easy as possible for your buyer. Upload the documents your buyer needs to your secure data room on SeedLegals. Grant and revoke access whenever you need to. Follow the steps to create the due diligence checklist, disclosures and warranties.

Find a buyer on Foundy

With your free Foundy account, you can list your business (anonymously). Potential buyers search through the listings.

If a buyer bites, they’ll message you a request for more details about your business. It’s up to you whether you give them access.

To get extra support with buyer outreach, your valuation, due diligence or strategy, you can choose from Foundy’s personalised advisory packages.


Jp Lewin Foundy Founder

When selling my first tech company, I learned how outdated, inefficient and opaque the traditional M&A process is. I quickly learned that I wasn’t alone in my experience and started Foundy to offer business owners and buyers everything they need to buy or sell a business inside one digital platform.

We’re proud to see what a difference we can make. From first message to payout, one of our clients sold their AI business in just 25 days.

JP Lewin

Founder and CEO,


Close your deal in record time with SeedLegals

SeedLegals makes the legal admin effortless. Share, e-sign and store all documents securely:

  • Create, share and sign Board Resolution
  • Calculate any Stamp Duty to pay
  • Approve share transfers
  • Issue share certificates to the buyer
Exit checklist

Be ready for exit

It pays to be prepared - even if you’re years away from selling. Here’s what to do and what to consider to be in the best shape possible to sell your company.

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Exit Checklist

Protect your payout – maximum support, minimum cost

Save time, money and stress when you sell your business. SeedLegals and Foundy will guide you through the complex landscape of mergers and acquisitions.

To get started, book a free, confidential chat with a SeedLegals expert.

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