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Sell your company with Foundy and SeedLegals

List your business in front of thousands of potential buyers on Foundy, close the deal fast with legal documents from the experts at SeedLegals.

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Testimonials from Foundy’s founder and buyer community

  • (hug London)

    "New challenger brand Foundy has created a powerful, beautiful M&A marketplace platform that can make dreams come true for any ambitious founder."
  • Scribe

    "Foundy brings much-needed innovation into an old-fashioned world. We're pleased to work with them and excited to watch the platform grow."
  • Quiver

    "I've sold a business before and it took 6 months and a ludicrous amount of back and forth with lawyers. I wish there had been a platform like Foundy to streamline the process!"
  • B2B client

    "The idea of selling your business is so daunting and overwhelming, I wouldn't have done it unless I came across Foundy."
  • Foundy brings M&A into the digital age

    Connect directly
    to qualified buyers on Foundy

    Save money, time and stress when you sell your business. With our partners at Foundy, you can create an anonymous seller listing for free in minutes. All with direct support from your Foundy account manager.

    List your business for free, pay only when you sell

    Find and message buyers with relevant search interests

    Complete your sale in as little as 30 days

    Foundy M&a Marketplace And Platform
    Expert M&A support at every step

    your exit price

    Invest in an M&A advisory package for personalised support from Foundy’s team of experienced industry experts. Access specialist help covering M&A strategy, due diligence and deal term negotiations.

    Match with the most qualified buyers – your account manager searches their networks for you

    Maximise your exit valuation with valuable insights and support

    Get expert end-to-end support, from competitive analysis to due diligence

    Pay 2 to 5 times less than traditional advisory firms

    Foundy Support With Pitching Your Startup
    Startup acquisition process made easy

    Foundy’s expert team
    is here to help

    Whenever you need help along the way, you can rely on Foundy’s experienced M&A experts for support and guidance.

    Get in touch your way – chat, Whatsapp, Slack, email, video call

    See pricing upfront

    Ask anything – the team’s available 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday

    Foundy Customer Support

    How to sell your business
    with Foundy and SeedLegals

    • List your company

      Create your free Foundy account. When your listing is live, potential buyers can view your startup.

    • Build your Heads of Terms

      Create your initial deal terms on SeedLegals. Answer our questionnaire to quickly build your document.

    • Negotiate with help from experts

      Foundy gives you easy access to experienced M&A experts and legal advisors.

    • Generate the documents

      When your buyer has signed the Heads of Terms, go on to create the rest of the documents you need - with unlimited support on SeedLegals.

    • Complete the sale

      Receive your payout securely via Foundy’s trusted escrow partner.

    Foundy x SeedLegals

    Protect your payout
    with maximum support at minimum cost

    Together, Foundy and SeedLegals save you the typically astronomical cost of selling your company. Streamline the exit process – find your buyer on Foundy’s marketplace, use the SeedLegals exit service for the legal documents you need.

    Understand your exit options – our specialists demystify all stages of the process

    Customise templates to quickly build documents

    Get your documents reviewed by our experts

    Seedlegals Foundy Partnership

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