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Meet KATLAS, winner of our R&D prize draw

Published:  Oct 11, 2022
Suzanne Worthington
Suzanne Worthington

We’re delighted to announce the winner of our R&D prize draw: KATLAS Technologies, specialists in blockchain and AI.

Benedict Conry Seedlegals

Congratulations to our winner, KATLAS. We work with many founders of companies developing similar tech and often they’re unaware of government incentives and tax relief available to them. KATLAS innovates continuously so we’re looking forward to helping optimise their claims in future.

Ben Conry

R&D Tax Lead,


    This summer, we ran a prize draw for our R&D Tax Credits service. One company which opened their claim on SeedLegals before the end of September 2022 got their claim for free – we waived their fees.

    The lucky winner chosen at random was KATLAS. We spoke to CEO Edward Cole to find out more about KATLAS and how they’ll spend the money they saved…

    Hi Edward 🙋‍♀️ Congratulations on winning the draw.
    KATLAS is at the cutting edge of blockchain tech – tell us more about what you do.

    Thanks! KATLAS is your business representative in the cyberworld – our Blockchain-in-a-Box enables small businesses to operate securely in international web 3.0 markets.

    If you’re new to how blockchain works, what this basically means is that you can instruct us to share your persona as a portable digital twin in exchange for market opportunities, for example, in international trade or healthcare.

    In the cyber environment (a.k.a. the metaverse), we help you match with partners who join up to form an unbroken chain to supply what you need at a competitive price.

    KATLAS was recently named SME of the Week by techUK – how did that come about?

    For October, techUK wanted to highlight the contribution made by their members to the UK government’s Levelling Up agenda – in particular, improving the local and regional tech scene through innovation and engagement. They picked us not just because of our tech but because we support other SMEs.

    We’re a Tier One partner of the government-supported initiative, Digital Security by Design. This means we’re the preferred supplier for prominent government-sponsored projects which automate zero-trust security. The projects we support include robotics, 3-D printing, wireless communications, medical devices, machine sensors, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

    We also won this weekend! At the Go Global Awards in Estonia, we won Blockchain Enterprise of the Year.

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    What is zero-trust?
    It's an approach to cyber security where the default is to distrust. Organisations or individuals interacting digitally are continuously validated at every stage. It isn't just the user who has to verify their identity, the device, software and connection are also regularly checked and verified.
    Estonia Awards KATLAS 2022
    Edward Cole (right) with the Blockchain Award for KATLAS at the Go Global Awards 2022 in Estonia

    Congratulations on your win in Estonia!
    Why did you choose SeedLegals to help with your R&D tax relief claim?

    Price was a major factor! Like many other startups, we have a limited budget for legal work and we can’t afford to pay a lawyer each time we need to do something – which can often be a repeated basic requirement such as creating contracts and agreements.

    That’s why SeedLegals is my favourite third party supplier because you provide not only the standard documents we need, but also support clients with a personal service. And that’s whether a startup is raising capital, creating staff and business contracts, or making an R&D claim.

    If we were in the metaverse right now, for KATLAS, SeedLegals is our number one, dependable friend avatar.

    With the money you saved by winning the prize draw, what will you put that money towards instead?

    The money we saved has already been invested in signing up for e-residency in Estonia so we have a presence in Europe – this took less than a day to get.

    As a result, we now have access to wonderful support from the Estonian government – they support us as a digital startup in their thriving ecosystem.

    Does your company carry out R&D every year? Will you use SeedLegals again next year?

    Yes, we certainly will. Not just through loyalty but for the knowledge and advantage we get from the continuously expanding services and network that SeedLegals offers. The service from SeedLegals means that we and other startups can do legal and admin tasks digitally, for low cost and low effort.

    What do you have planned for KATLAS next year that you’re most excited about?

    Our platform helps SMEs access  and service their markets by getting a foot in the cyber world. Companies who use KATLAS can connect to people, organisations etc. in a sustainable and trusted way.

    Next year, we’re excited to enable the next stage of human social engineering – how we organise and improve our lives together.

    Thanks Edward! Good luck with everything 💙


    Edward Cole Katlas Ceo

    SeedLegals is my favourite third party supplier because you provide not only the standard documents we need, but also support clients with a personal service.

    Edward Cole

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