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Introducing SeedLegals Calendar - never miss a deadline

Published:  Feb 3, 2022
Suzanne Worthington
Suzanne Worthington

Noticed something new when you log into SeedLegals? We’ve added a Calendar to remind you about deadlines coming up for legal tasks.

Dates for these tasks are not the type of deadlines you can allow to whizz by. You’ll want to keep your investors and HMRC happy so we’ve launched Calendar to help you keep on top of your obligations.

What tasks does SeedLegals Calendar show?

Investment tasks and deadlines

Your Calendar shows tasks you need do for these investment deadlines:

  • SeedFAST longstop dates
  • SeedNOTE maturity dates
  • other Advanced Subscription Agreement longstop dates
  • other convertible loan note maturity dates

If you sign an ASA or convertible loan note outside SeedLegals and add it to your debt table to track it in SeedLegals, we’ll automatically add the deadlines and any tasks to your Calendar.

Option scheme deadlines

You’ll also see tasks and deadlines for EMI Option Schemes:

  • EMI valuation expiry date
  • EMI notifications for option grants
  • EMI options annual return

We’ll be adding more reminders and dates to the Calendar soon, and introducing email notifications so you’ll get a reminder direct to your inbox.

How SeedLegals Calendar works

Your pending dates and tasks are automatically added to Calendar.
To see pending tasks, log in and click Calendar in the left bar:

Calendar Left Bar Full Screen

For tasks with deadlines less than 30 days away, you’ll see a notification icon in the left bar:

Calendar Notification Icon

Your pending tasks are displayed in cards:

Calendar Pending Tasks

The card for each task has a ‘Learn more’ link to a helpful article on our website which explains how to complete the task before the deadline.

When you’re ready to complete the task, click the link at the bottom of the card to go straight to the right place on SeedLegals. If you need any help, just hit the chat button and ask our friendly team.

There’s a list of your completed tasks below any pending tasks:

Calendar Completed Tasks

Have your say

Calendar is FREE for SeedLegals subscribers – it’s just one of many ways we automate your legals and admin so you can spend more time growing your business. Not already a member? To get started with the UK’s favourite platform for funding rounds, option schemes and cap table management, register now to try us free for seven days.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for how we can improve Calendar, or any of our services, email us: [email protected] – we love to hear from you.

Suzanne Worthington

Suzanne Worthington

Sooze is our Senior Writer. She's obsessed with making complicated things easy to understand.
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