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How to find angel investors

Published:  Mar 11, 2024
Anthony Rose
Anthony Rose

Finding investors is tough. You don’t know any. So you do web searches for investors or use directories like the SeedLegals lists of top UK funds to find them. But those are typically lists of VC funds… which is fine if your company has users and is making revenue. But what if you’re nowhere near that point yet… you’re still working on your prototype, or you’ve just launched?

Going to a VC fund too early results in the response that every founder soon becomes familiar with… Love what you’re doing, come back later.

There has to be another way. And there is… angel investors.

But angel investors don’t have web sites, so how do you find them? In this video we explain how to make as much noise as possible on social media using messaging designed to get potential investors, partners and customers to call you to find out more. And how to use the Pitch feature on SeedLegals to turn that interest into investment.


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