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In case you missed it: March 2023

Published:  Mar 31, 2023
Suzanne Worthington
Suzanne Worthington

Senior Writer

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Katy Tomlinson

Product Marketing Manager

This month, we’re ready for changes to R&D tax credits and we’ve updated our SEIS/EIS services so they’re faster and easier for you. We’ve launched SeedLegals for Investors, started a new incorporation service with Tide, and added SeedSAFT to our services in Singapore.

Read on to find out more about these exciting updates and what’s coming soon.


What’s new?

Coming soon


🆕What’s new?

We’re ready for changes to R&D tax relief from April

For R&D Tax Credits claims covering accounting periods starting on or after 1 April 2023, there are changes to the SME and RDEC rates and to qualifying costs. You’ll also need to notify HMRC in advance that you’ll be making a claim.

We’ve updated our system to include these changes and when you make your R&D claim with us, our experts guide you through and let you know how much you can expect to get back from HMRC.

Read more in our post: R&D tax credits are changing from April 2023 – find out how it could affect your business


Register your limited company with Tide

We’ve partnered with Tide, the business financial platform for small businesses, so SeedLegals members can easily set up a UK limited company.

With this new service, our members won’t pay the incorporation fee to Companies House and as a bonus, you get a free Tide business account with £50 credit (T&Cs apply).

Read more and set up your limited company at the Tide website.


Save more time with super streamlined SEIS/EIS

We can now act as your agent – when you allow us to do this, we communicate directly with HMRC on your behalf.

For SEIS/EIS Advance Assurance, we’ll now send your application on your behalf and let you know when it’s been approved.

And for SEIS/EIS compliance, our specialists can take care of the process for you from start to finish. We’ll email you when it’s all confirmed and all you’ll need to do is click the button on SeedLegals to share the compliance certificates with your investors. Easy.


Raise with tokens in Singapore with SeedSAFT

In 2022, we launched SeedSAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens) in the UK as our first fundraising solution for companies looking to raise with tokens. Great news for startups in Singapore: SeedSAFT is now live in your region!

Are you considering issuing blockchain-based tokens as a fundraising strategy? Until now, there’s been no trusted legal agreement used as standard across the industry. So we analysed dozens of the different SAFTs and worked with industry leaders to build what we hope will become the new standard: SeedSAFT, the first automated SAFT for companies that want to raise cash now and mint tokens later.

Read more and talk to our experts in Singapore


Give your investors an even better SeedLegals experience

SeedLegals for Investors is now live and available to everyone who has invested in companies via SeedLegals.

In March, we finished beta testing and now our investor portal, SeedLegals for Investors, is open to all investors, both angels and VCs.

Get started with SeedLegals for Investors

Anyone who has invested in a company via SeedLegals can now login at to view their SeedLegals portfolio. Investors don’t need to do anything to get started – just log in with the same email address and password they used to access SeedLegals when they made the investment and their dashboard will be already set up.

From now on, when investors make their first investment via SeedLegals, they can create an account at SeedLegals for Investors, where it’s much easier to view the deal and build their SeedLegals portfolio.

View portfolio

In the new portal, investors can view their shareholdings and documents for their entire portfolio of investments made on SeedLegals – that was always possible on SeedLegals but what’s new is that we’ve made it much easier to see the information at a glance, all on one screen, instead of having to switch between companies.

Send deal proposals

VCs and angels can also use Deal Manager in SeedLegal for Investors to create and send deal proposal documents to companies.

View cap table

Had a request from an investor to view your company’s cap table? That’s because we’ve given investors this option in SeedLegals for Investors. You choose whether to grant access or not.

Find out more

See how the new portal looks and how it works in our post, SeedLegals for Investors
(You might also like to share the post with your investors 😉)


Coming soon

Help us build the Data Room of your dreams

We want to improve Data Room so you and your investors love using it. Data Room is included in all SeedLegals memberships so we want to make this useful tool even more user-friendly.

Have you used Data Room for your Pitch, board meetings or funding rounds? We want to hear your feedback. What works well? What can we improve? What could we build to make the Data Room of your dreams? Email us your thoughts and ideas: [email protected]

Have your say

Got an idea for us? Is there something we can do better? We love to hear your feedback – good, bad and ugly. Let us know by email: [email protected]

Interested in becoming a SeedLegals member? Head over to Pricing to find the right membership for your company.

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