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SeedLegals Best Of 2022
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In case you missed it: Best of SeedLegals in 2022

Published:  Jan 6, 2023
Katy Tomlinson

2022 was a big year for us. We reached £1bn raised on our platform. We now have over 50,000 companies on our books. And our SeedFAST has overtaken traditional funding rounds as the quick and easy way to raise money.

Before we turn our attention to an even bigger 2023, here’s a rundown of our highlights from 2022 and a sneaky peek at what’s coming soon.

New in December

Funding round commenting

Working on a funding round? We’ve made it even easier to track all your negotiations and terms in one place.

For documents containing terms, company admins and investors can now ask questions and send counter-proposals via instant comments on our platform. No more back and forth with offline documents.

SeedLegals now offers General Counsel as a Service (GCaaS) – our legal advisory service – to support your company to grow and scale. Slick automation can only go so far – sometimes you need expert help.

Annual members can now subscribe to GCaaS to gain access to our senior startup lawyers. Your dedicated lawyer can support you in the areas startups often need help: corporate law, commercial contracts and negotiations, employment law, and data privacy.

Get in touch with us for a confidential chat if you are interested.

Best of 2022

Gearing up to your Series A or B and need legal advice? We now offer expert legal advice from an experienced, qualified venture capital lawyer to complement our easy-to-use platform.

If you’re working towards a VC-led Series A+ and are looking to go to a law firm, get in touch with us for a confidential chat.

Calendar deadlines

We released Calendar to help you stay on top of all of your upcoming deadlines.

From your SeedFAST longstop conversion dates to your EMI valuation expiry deadline – we wanted to make sure you never miss anything important.

Tools for investors

We’re here to help you find, run and manage your deals all in one place. That’s why we’ve been busy with improvements to make SeedLegals an indispensable part of your investor toolkit.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Run your Deal – funds can manage their deal legals all in one place with varied agile funding options
  • (Coming soon) PitchList – promote your cohort, find the best deals, follow investors and build your influence in our community
  • SEIS/EIS relief – get your docs in a flash through our platform
  • Manage your Portfolio – see up to date shareholding and understand what future exit valuations would mean with our automated exit modelling

R&D Xero integration

We integrated with Xero to make your R&D claims faster and more accurate.

If you use Xero and are looking to claim back up to 33% of your R&D spend, it’s the perfect tool for you.

Raise straight from your Pitch page

With over 4,000 Pitch pages already created on SeedLegals, we are continuing to make fundraising easier for you by improving the Pitch page.

You can now add interested investors from your Pitch page straight into an Instant Investment, SeedFAST or your open funding round.

And that’s not all – you can also add your fundraising status, so investors can see when you are raising, and use the Data Room to share key documents with potential investors.

Instant Investment improvements

Our Instant Investment tool has gained huge traction over the years, making it simpler to take in top up investment once a round is closed.

We know founders tend to take several investments in this way, making it an alternative to a follow on round. So we made it easier to do several in one streamlined workflow.

Manage your board meetings

We released an update to allow you to add supporting documents to your board meetings, so everything can sit on the platform for your board to see.

Our handy Help article explains how it works.

SeedLegals Plus

We launched SeedLegals Plus, a cost-effective annual membership with easier access to the services your startup needs to thrive, including fundraising, EMI valuations, share transfers and R&D tax credits.

You’ll also get discounts and perks from our carefully selected partners including Stripe, AWS and HubSpot.

YC Safe for English law

Looking to raise with US investors? With YC Safe for English law, we’ve made it easier to do just that.

We’re seeing an increasing number of companies raise from US investors and many founders now see US investors as the preferred choice for fundraising. Our YC Safe with English law makes it super easy for UK companies to fundraise in a way that follows the US standards investors will be used to.

SeedSAFT launch

We launched our UK simple agreement for future tokens (SeedSAFT), our first fundraising solution for companies looking to raise with tokens.

More and more companies are issuing blockchain-based tokens as a fundraising strategy. But until now, there’s been no trusted legal agreement used across the industry.

So we analysed dozens of the different SAFTs and worked with industry leaders to build what we hope will become the new standard: SeedSAFT, the first automated SAFT for companies that want to raise cash now, mint tokens later.

EMI valuation improvements

We improved our EMI valuation methodology to make your report even more bespoke and detailed, maximising your discount and chance of success with HMRC.

You can select the most relevant factors that may influence a discount on the price per share, as well as a personalised reason why each discount is applied.

Coming soon

Sell your company on SeedLegals

Soon it will be as easy to sell your company on SeedLegals as it is to do an SEIS funding round.

We’re looking for early adopters: if you’re considering an exit soon, get in touch with us for a confidential chat.

PitchList: Follow companies and build your network

Investors will be able to create their own PitchList pages, so they can follow pitches, become influencers, find other investors, and scout the best deals.

For founders, it’s a new way to get your pitch page promoted and complete investments even faster.

Token Warrant and Token Purchase Agreement

We’re working on two additions to our token offering:

  • Our Token Warrant will give warrant-holders the right to purchase any tokens that you might issue in the future
  • Our Token Purchase Agreement is for when you’re just about to issue your tokens or they’re already in circulation

Get in touch to register your interest.

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