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How to negotiate effortlessly: add comments in funding rounds

Published:  Dec 8, 2022
Suzanne Worthington
Suzanne Worthington

With SeedLegals, you and your investors can add comments on your Seed and Series A+ rounds, making negotiations easier and more transparent.

In this post, we explain how it works.


Introducing commenting

You’ll already know that SeedLegals makes the investment process quicker and simpler. We’re always looking for ways to make it even better which is why we’ve introduced this new feature to Seed rounds and Series A rounds (and further rounds).

For documents containing terms, company admins and investors will now be able to ask questions and post counter-propose via instant comments in SeedLegals.

Good to know: Comments in your documents can only be seen by company admins and the investor. Other investors in the round can’t see your chats with other investors.


Keep track of your negotiations

In a perfect world, the initial terms proposed for an investment would perfectly suit both parties. In reality, this is never the case. Inevitably, your investors will always have questions about the terms you’ve chosen and why you’ve chosen them – especially if the terms are different from the investor’s usual choices.

Screenshot Round Commenting Chat Bubbles
View and add comments alongside your terms.

You’ll find yourself negotiating not just about the amount of money or equity, but about some of the terms as well. We want to make this as easy and seamless as possible.

With commenting now live, you’ll no longer need to download a document and send it back and forth with tracked changes – you can keep track of your negotiations alongside your terms in SeedLegals.

Anthony Rose

Commenting in your round documents is a game-changer. You’ll save time, stay organised and sign your documents faster.

Anthony Rose

Co-Founder and CEO,


    How to use commenting on SeedLegals

    For all new rounds – Seed, Series A and further rounds – commenting is switched on by default.

    If you have an existing round open, use the toggle (see image below) to switch commenting on or off.

    Screenshot Commenting Toggle
    Use this toggle to enable/disable commenting on documents
    Remember: you need to share your documents with investors via SeedLegals, otherwise your investors won't be able to view the documents and add comments.

    Commenting for investors

    • Log in
      Log into SeedLegals as usual to view the terms of a Seed round, Series A round or further rounds.
    • View terms and add comments
      If you see a term you want to query or counter-propose, click the comment icon on a specific terms section, and a comment bubble will pop up. Add your comment and press the arrow to send.
    • Wait for a reply
      When you add a comment, the company admins are automatically notified. When they respond to your comment, you’ll get an email notification.
    • Resolve your comments
      When you’re done negotiating, click the three dots on the bubble and select ‘Mark conversation as resolved’. You will still be able to expand and see the resolved comments and all the replies when you need.
    Screenshot Resolve Comment
    Click to resolve a comment

    Commenting for founders

    • Add and respond to comments
      You can add comments to explain why you’ve selected terms and give more context to reassure your investors.
    • Check for notifications
      If your investors comment or reply to your comments, you’ll get a notification by email. Every company admin will get the notification separately so you won’t miss anything, even if one of your team answers the comment before you see it.
    • Reply on the go
      In SeedLegals, click the bell icon (🔔, top right of the screen) to view all notifications and go directly to the comments you need to respond to. This is just as easy on your mobile as on your laptop/desktop.
    • Resolve your comments
      When you’re done negotiating, you or your investor can click ‘Mark conversation as resolved’ in the three dot menu on the chat bubble. All comments and replies will remain viewable in that section throughout.


    Talk to an expert

    Got questions about doing a funding round, which terms to choose or how to negotiate with investors? We’ve helped thousands of founders with their funding rounds – hit the chat button (bottom right of this screen) to message our specialist team.


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