Katy Tomlinson is our Product Marketing Manager. She helps plan, manage and deliver product launches, while keeping our internal teams up to speed on everything they need to know about SeedLegals products.

Katy began her SeedLegals journey as an Account Manager, supporting hundreds of startups with their fundraising and scaling journey. After working day in and day out with our customers, Katy became passionate about understanding their needs and making sure their feedback is heard. She wanted to create a clear channel between customer and company, and found a new place in the product team to advance this mission. 

Prior to SeedLegals, Katy worked at Financial Services company BNY Mellon, helping manage cross-business relationships with their strategic clients in the Insurance sector. 

When Katy isn’t chasing everyone around to ensure the go-to-market runs smoothly, you can find her painting and drawing, weight training at the gym, or making yummy veggie dishes.