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In case you missed it: August 2023

Published:  Sep 8, 2023
Kirsty Macsween
Kirsty MacSween

This month, we’ve added a search function so admin users can quickly find any employee, document or product on SeedLegals. We also made it easier to see all your current and past option holders at a glance and see if there’s any action you or an option holder needs to take.

In August, HMRC changed the rules for how you claim R&D tax credits and grant EMI share options. We were ahead of the curve, with the SeedLegals platform already updated to align with the new requirements.

Read on to find out more about these updates and what’s coming soon.

What’s new

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Easily find team members, documents and SeedLegals products 🔍

We added a search function! It’s faster and easier to find a document you’ve signed, all agreements for a team member, or a contract or product you need.

Search Bar Seedlegals Platforms Screenshot
Hit the search bar in the top-left corner of your screen

See all option holders and keep track of pending, active or past grants 🕵️

There’s now one combined table that shows all option holders, with separate tabs for pending actions, active grants and past grants.

You can also search the table by option holder name to bring up all their grants and show any pending actions.

Option Holders Seedlegals Platform Screenshot
Type in the name of an option holder to see all relevant options documents and actions

Create the new form you need for R&D Tax Credit claims 🧪

From 8 August, all companies applying for R&D Tax Credits must submit an Additional information form on the portal before they file their Corporation Tax return.

We’ve made it easy to generate the answers you need for the form. Simply work through our questionnaire, using the help text that explains exactly what you need to provide.

When you’ve finished, you’ll have everything you need in a document called Additional Form Answers, clearly laid out and in the right order. You can use this document as a guide for the form on HMRC’s portal.

Stay tuned: Soon, we’ll be able to submit this form on your behalf, as part of our R&D service.

There are also two new figures you need for your R&D claim:

  • The amount spent on Qualifying Indirect Activities (eg security, maintenance and admin staff)
  • The cost split per R&D project
Enter the R&D prize draw
Submit your R&D claim to our team for review before 30 September and you could win your entire claim for free! This prize draw is only open to existing SeedLegals customers - see if you’re eligible in the full terms and conditions.

We updated the EMI option grant agreement👑

2023’s Spring Budget announced changes to the EMI option scheme, which were designed to simplify the schemes. Those changes received Royal Assent this month.

To reflect these changes, we updated the EMI option workflow:

  • You no longer need to specify restrictions on shares
  • You no longer need your option holder to provide a working time declaration

Coming soon

As usual, our team is hard at work on many different projects. Here’s a peek of what’s coming soon:

SeedLegals Plus is getting even better 🥳

SeedLegals Plus is coming up to its first birthday. We’re celebrating by adding even more perks and savings to the membership plan. Stay tuned for more info coming soon.

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