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SeedLegals for Investors, where deals get done faster

Published:  Feb 6, 2024
Jonny Seaman
Jonny Seaman

Investor Partnerships Manager

Kirsty Macsween
Kirsty MacSween


Investors, do you want to spend more time investing, and less time worrying about the admin? Great news: we’ve just launched our investor membership, SeedLegals for Investors. It’s built to make life easier for all investors, from first-time deal makers to career veterans and leading VCs.

In this post, we explain what comes with SeedLegals investor membership and how to join.

In this post

Manage your startup portfolio, with expert support when you need it

If you choose to take up a SeedLegals for Investors membership, here’s what you’ll get:

  • View and manage your startup portfolio
    – Negotiate, sign and store the investment proposals and documents you receive
    – View cap tables of your investee companies (if the company gives you access)
    – Model exit scenarios (you need access to the company’s cap table)
  •  Store SEIS/EIS forms across all investments
  •  Receive expert guidance to claim SEIS/EIS income tax relief – we’ll provide or review the supplementary forms you need for your Tax Return or claim
  •  Get support from your dedicated account manager on any questions related to your deals
  •  Access deals through SeedLegals (limited pre-launch availability – sophisticated and high net worth investors only)
  •  Invest with your friends and fellow investors with Syndicates (free for investors, paid for by the company you’re investing in)
  •  If you’re leading the deal, create and send your term sheet instantly, with our expert support
  •  Get free UKBAA membership for your first year (as a new UKBAA member)
  •  Over £8,000 worth of perks for the companies you invest into ⭐
If you don’t have a SeedLegals for Investors membership, you’ll still be able to view and sign documents that companies share with you through SeedLegals.

The additional features of portfolio, instant term sheets, syndicate formation and more are only available with the SeedLegals for Investors membership. Check the full details on our Pricing page.

An investment expert by your side

All SeedLegals members get unlimited help from our expert team -not just when you’re doing a deal but anytime you need it. We don’t do billable hours. Consult a lawyer instead and you could land a bill for thousands, just for a chat.

Whether you’re an experienced angel investor, a VC who wants to call in expert support for the admin and niche SEIS questions or a new investor keen to learn more, we’re here to help.

Meet the team
Get to know our Investor Account Managers Jonny Seaman and Vasu Sarin.

View your portfolio

In your Portfolio, you can see at a glance the companies you’ve invested in or have shares in on SeedLegals, and the estimated value of your investments. The value is based on the price per share of the last shares issued by that company on SeedLegals.

Screenshot of SeedLegals platform showing the Portfolio view, where you can see the details of all your investments on SeedLegals
Portfolio view: See total invested across currencies, and details of individual investments

In Portfolio, you can also keep track of the cap tables of companies you’ve invested in. To do so, simply click on a company and if they’ve given you access to their cap table, you’ll be able to see all the shareholders, your shareholding, option pool and more.

You’ll also be able to model how much your shares are worth at different valuations and what your return will be on exit.

Leave behind SEIS/EIS stress

Have your investee companies completed their SEIS/EIS compliance through SeedLegals?

From the Portfolio dashboard, you’ll find those S/EIS3 certificates stored safely ready for tax season, so there’ll be no rummaging through paperwork to find them when the time comes to claim SEIS/EIS tax relief.

As a SeedLegals for Investors member, we’ll also work with you to make sure you have all the documentation you need to claim SEIS/EIS, however you pay your taxes.

If you submit an online tax return, we can provide detailed guidance on which sections to complete to claim the full relief. If you submit a postal return, we can provide the additional forms (SH101) required to claim the relief. Your accountant can then collate this information into your full tax return submission. And finally if you pay tax solely through PAYE and don’t submit a return, we can complete the relevant sections of your S/EIS3 forms that you received after investing.

Use Deal Manager to send proposals and negotiate

Investors can use SeedLegals to create and send term sheets to companies. Deal Manager is now our most popular feature with active VC investors like Haatch Ventures, Fuel Ventures, SFC Capital and more.

In the same way that we make it faster and easier for founders to lead and close a round, with Deal Manager investors can:

  • send investment proposals to companies
  • track rounds in progress
  • negotiate deal terms faster
  • speed up your negotiations by use the commenting feature instead of sending documents back and forth with tracked changes

With Deal Manager, it’s quick to clone previous investment proposals. After one proposal has been populated with the preferred deal terms, it only takes a few minutes to send out another one.

Screenshot of SeedLegals platform showing Deal Manager
Deal Manager view: Send proposals, track deals and negotiate

Invest with your friends and fellow investors with Syndicate

Lead investors can use SeedLegals Syndicate to generate and share the legal documents to create a syndicate before investing together. No need to create an SPV for the deal, the syndicate can invest as a group using the SeedLegals MPL Nominees company.

Please note that there’s an extra charge to use Syndicate, on top of the investor membership fee.

Become a UKBAA member

When you join the SeedLegals for Investors, you’ll also get a free membership to the UK Business Angel Association for a year if you’re joining the UKBAA for the first time. With it, you get invitations to exclusive networking and pitch events, access to their Deal Share platform to explore a curated pool of investment opportunities and a suite of online learning resources.

SeedLegals for Investors comes with perks for your investee companies too.

How to get started with your investor membership

To access the investor portal and learn more about your membership, simply:

  1. Log in at invest.seedlegals
  2. Once you’re logged in, click Memberships and choose the one right for you.
  3. Arrange a call with your personal investor account manager who’ll support you with onboarding, support your investment goals and ensure you make the most of the membership over the year.

Talk to an expert

Got questions about SeedLegals for Investors or want a demo? Book a free call with one of our experts.

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