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SeedLegals launches Deep Pitch, the world’s first 100% personalised AI investor pitch

Published:  Apr 1, 2024
Anthony Rose
Anthony Rose

London, 1 April 2024

Every founder knows the problem: You spend ages creating a pitch deck. Send it to 50 investors. And then get back conflicting feedback from those investors.

Say hello to Deep Pitch, a 100% AI generated investor pitch, uniquely created for each investor.

It’s obvious that creating one slide deck for all investors was never going to work because every investor is different.

“This would be awesome if it was on blockchain”
“Blockchain is a distraction, it’s a no from me”

“You need to add more AI”
“You’re not deep AI, remove the AI references”

What you want is a completely personalised pitch deck created for each investor, designed to tap into their every desire to deliver the exact message to win their investment.

Deep Pitch goes even further. Not only does it create a personalised pitch deck, it designs the product that the investor has always wanted, even if they never knew it.

Using Deep Pitch

Thanks to Deep Pitch, creating a pitch and product that will get a guaranteed yes from every investor is super easy.

  • Start with your existing pitch deck
  • Don’t worry if it looks terrible or the numbers don’t work, Deep Pitch will fix that
  • Then, create your Pitch Page on SeedLegals
  • Hit the Build my Deep Pitch button (coming soon!)
  • Send the link to your pitch page to investors

That’s it!

How it works

When an investor clicks the link and logs in, Deep Pitch instantly analyses their Twitter feed, their LinkedIn posts, their company web site, their Crunchbase profile. Deep Pitch finds the companies they’ve invested in and, using advanced cluster analysis, builds a mind map of the investor’s desires, the quant and qual characteristics that drive their investment decisions.

Using a custom LLM, Deep Pitch creates the perfect product and pitch just for them, roughly based on your original idea, with market size and metrics uniquely tuned to that investor.

These examples show how it works:

The Product slide

Let’s start with the Product slide.

Jonathan, a Bay Area investor who finds his tweets frequently being quoted in VCs Congratulating Themselves on X, prides himself as being a trailblazer. Deep Pitch spots that immediately and, knowing that AI is already tired, adds quantum computing references throughout the slide deck.

The Market Size slide

“It’s too small a market”
“It’s too big a market, focus on just one segment”

Deep Pitch solves the dilemma to finding the right TAM, SAM and SOM to make each investor happy. Deep Pitch has spotted that Amy brags about investing in multi-billion $ markets, it multiplies your market sizes by 30+ so it’s exactly in the sweet spot for her fund.

Had it been an angel investor viewing your deck, Deep Pitch would have reduced the TAM, SAM and SOM to below your original figures as they’ll be happy you get profitable with lower ambitions.

The Ask slide

Specifying the amount you want to raise has always been a huge problem. Half your investors are going to say you’re too early for them, half will say, sorry, if only you’d called us in your previous round, you’re too late-stage for us now. You just can’t win.

Deep Pitch solves this dilemma by automatically creating the perfect raise size in your slide deck. Angel investors will see you’re raising £300K with SEIS and EIS. UK VCs will see you’re raising £2M. And US VCs will see you’re raising $20M.

Whichever one bites first, go with that, you’re done!

The 5 Year Business Plan slide

“Your growth isn’t fast enough, you need to spend more on marketing”
“Great to see you conserving cash and growing organically”

Investors always want to see a 5 year business plan while at the same time knowing the numbers are completely made up and bear no relation whatsoever to reality.

The trick is to come up with the exact made-up numbers that will appeal to each investor, rather than just making up one set of numbers for everyone.

By analysing the investor’s profile, web site and social media posts, Deep Pitch instantly understands whether that investor is looking for a business plan vaguely based on reality, or has thrown reality to the winds and just wants to see a number that makes your company a unicorn by year 4.


These days fundraising is global. Gone are the days of just pitching to investors in your country, you need to cast the net beyond borders.

But wait… you’ve just spent £5000 with a design agency to fill your deck with lifestyle images of your product in London. Prices in £. British jokes. How’s that going to work with a US VC?

That’s where Deep Pitch comes in.

For example, when pitching to a US VC, Deep Pitch will go overboard hyping up your collection of data, your fully personalised experiences. Big Data. Huge Data. AI training models. It’s all about the data.

On the other hand Germans obsess about GDPR and privacy. The less you talk about data and personalisation, the better!

Deep Pitch solves this problem for you, removing all mentions of data, personalisation and AI when pitching to European investors.

We all know that investors love forwarding links to slide decks that were sent to them in confidence. With Deep Pitch that’s totally okay, because as the person they forwarded the link to logs in, they’ll get a unique slide deck unique to them. They’ll love your slide deck and want in on your round.

Isn’t it wrong to pitch different products for each investor?

We know what you’re thinking… it’s one thing to use AI to create a personalised founder backstory and location-based pitch deck graphics for each investor, but actually creating different product ideas… isn’t that taking it too far?

Not at all – here’s why:

Once upon a time it was Build it and they’ll come

Then came agile development: Create an MVP, if users want it, keep going

Deep Pitch takes it to the next level: Pitch it. If you get funding, build it!

Deep Pitch lets you test ideas with investors with zero effort before you spend precious time actually building something to test on users.

Get started with Deep Pitch

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