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Hired names SeedLegals UK’s #2 small business for tech recruitment

Published:  Dec 23, 2021
Suzanne Worthington
Suzanne Worthington

We’re proud that Hired named us the second best UK small business in their 2021 list of Top Employers Winning Tech Talent.

With one in eight job vacancies in the UK now in the tech sector, it’s a candidate’s market. Many companies are struggling to find the right talent – but at SeedLegals, we’ve gone against the trend and onboarded more than 60 people in 2021.

In this article, we look at how Hired assesses companies for their ranking, and how we attract talented team-mates.

How Hired calculates their rankings

Hired evaluates employers based on three pillars they consider essential to attracting and retaining talent:

  • Equity
    Contact, interview and hire underrepresented candidates
  • Efficiency
    Efficient in interviewing and guiding candidates through the hiring process
  • Transparency
    Transparent about salaries during hiring and interviews

Hired uses their own data to create the rankings for the US and the UK, splitting businesses into the categories of Small Business (less than 300 employees), Medium Employers (300 – 9,999) and Enterprise (10,000+ employees).

How did SeedLegals achieve high scores?

It’s simple – our culture and hiring process match Hired’s pillars. Here are some examples of how we built a culture and hiring process that’s equitable, efficient and transparent:

  • We’re inclusive
    For example, we write job descriptions with inclusive language to encourage more people to apply. Our contracts are written in straightforward language so candidates can understand what’s expected of them – and what they can expect from us.
  • We actively search for candidates
    We use Hired, Otta and LinkedIn to reach potential candidates. Even if it turns out the person we contact isn’t actively looking for a new role, sometimes they put us in touch with a great candidate we’d never otherwise have met.
  • We search in the right places
    We particularly like Hired because many of the candidates we find have the startup mindset we’re looking for.
  • We don’t take up much of candidates’ time
    Most tech companies give candidates tasks or preparation to do – we don’t. We usually have only three rounds in our recruitment. First is a short chat with our Head of Engineering. Next, there’s a longer interview with a Senior Engineer where we explore the candidate’s technical knowledge and problem-solving skills. And if that goes well, the final stage is a half-hour chat with our CEO, Anthony.
  • We give staff referral bonuses
    Because awesome people know awesome people!
  • We’re responsive
    Candidates communicate with a dedicated talent partner throughout the hiring process. We usually respond to questions within just a few hours and encourage candidates to ‘ask us anything’. We want applicants to make a well-informed decision – and be as excited about joining SeedLegals as we are about them joining us!
  • We’re transparent about compensation
    We chat openly with candidates about the salary and benefits we can offer. We explain our share options scheme so candidates fully understand how we allocate options and how much their options might be worth.
  • We’re speedy
    Our average time to hire – from initial chat to contract – is just 14 days. And the fastest we hired someone to our tech team is one week!

The proof that our approach works? We’ve onboarded more than 60 people in 2021 to help us grow our business.

Want to join us?

Or maybe point us to a great candidate? Head over to our Careers page to view our current vacancies. Or you can email us: [email protected] – make sure you include your CV and explain how you’d like to help us.


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Suzanne Worthington

Suzanne Worthington

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