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Elevate your pitch: Craft an unforgettable voice for your company

Published:  Mar 14, 2024
Anthony Rose
Anthony Rose

Learn how to create a distinct brand and tone of voice for your company. In this video with Anthony Rose from SeedLegals, branding expert Chris West shows how to develop a tone that resonates with customers and stands out from the competition.

Anthony and Chris discuss the difficulty of combining domain expertise with writing skills within a team. Chris shares examples of brands like Oatly and Rude Health to illustrate the impact of language on brand differentiation. They delve into the layers of messaging, from defining key benefits to establishing a brand’s tone of voice and personalizing messages for different audiences. The conversation touches on the significance of clarity, credibility, and benefits in messaging, referencing examples like Steve Jobs’ presentations. They explore hypothetical scenarios, such as creating a pitch deck or homepage for an insurance company, and discuss the importance of consistency in tone across all company communications. Finally, they contemplate examples like Mini versus Ferrari to illustrate branding concepts.

They argue that just as these car brands use distinct visual elements to differentiate themselves, they can also create unique linguistic identities. The speaker illustrates this with anonymized copy from both brands, showing how language reflects brand identity and values. They emphasize the need for clarity and benefit-focused messaging in communication, regardless of the company’s stage or market. The discussion extends to the role of founders in shaping brand identity, considering factors like emotional intelligence and adaptability. The talk concludes with a discussion on expanding brand tone of voice into new territories, highlighting the need for cultural sensitivity and adaptation.

Finally, they discuss the importance of maintaining a consistent brand voice across different languages and channels, emphasizing the need to retain core values and personality traits while adapting communication style to different contexts. Chris provides insights into naming strategies for companies, advocating for names that reflect their services or unique characteristics. Additionally, they explore the potential of AI in content creation, highlighting the importance of providing clear prompts to generate tailored content, suggesting that AI can produce diverse content styles when given specific guidelines and prompts.

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