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15 UK Angel Groups that Invest in Hardware Startups

Published:  Feb 1, 2019
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    Noelle Baquiche

    With so many high profile software investments covered in the press, it can be trickier to know who the hardware investors are. To help, I’ve compiled a list of 15 UK angel investors, syndicates and early stage VCs which have at least one hardware startup in their portfolio. Here’s some links to check them out before you get in touch / introduced, to make sure they’re relevant.

    24 Haymarket

    Typically invests between £60k and £4m

    Angel Academe

    Typically invests between £100k and £1.5m. Companies should have at least one woman on the founding team.

    British Robotics Seed Fund

    British Robotics Seed Fund invests in U.K.-based robotics startups.


    QVentures is a sector agnostic members-only investment, targeting seed to Series A stage companies raising between £500k – £5m. QVentures look for deals which are at least 50% funded by an established, recognised lead investor. The majority of their portfolio deals are originated from existing QVentures’ members, with the rest coming from partner introductions and personal networks.

    Seraphim Capital

    World’s first venture fund dedicated to financing the growth of companies operating in the Space ecosystem. Seraphim specialises in Series A stage startups, and is backed by a consortium of business angel networks and corporate investors from across the UK and the US.

    Cambridge Angels

    The network typically invests between £50k and £1m although it may well commit further funds over several rounds.

    Cambridge Capital Group

    Typically invests between £50k and £1m. CCG  provides investment for technology development and for the commercialisation of intellectual property.

    Wild Blue Cohort

    WBC typically co-invest with other angel groups in rounds of £150k – £1m. In addition to growth capital they provide mentorship programmes, office space, and access to its network of investors and entrepreneurs.

    Equity Gap

    Typically invests between £20k and £500k.


    The preferred level of investment is £250-500k but can cover a range from £50k to £2m. Based in Edinburgh, Archangels is also a partner of the Scottish Co-Investment Fund.

    Clearly Social Angels

    Typically invests between £150k and £1.5m. As well as funding, they also provides business support and financial advisory services including business plan review and financial projections.

    Sweet Capital

    Sweet Capital is a fund created by the founders of King Digital Entertainment – the creators of Candy Crush Saga. They invest in impressive entrepreneurs to develop, launch and scale new tech companies in the consumer and mobile space.


    Venrex is a London-based venture capital firm, with a strong 12 year track record of early stage investments in fast-growing businesses including: Just-Eat,, Orlebar Brown, Chilango, Charlotte Tilbury, Dressipi, Thread, Loveknitting, Opus Energy, Skimlinks and Lyst.

    Venrex on AngelList

    Kelvin Capital

    Kelvin capital was founded in 2009 and has grown year on year to become one of the leading investment businesses in the West of Scotland.

    Juno Capital

    Juno Capital invest in startups that have achieved at least £500k ARR.

    Did you know?

    8 out of 10 UK angel investments are made under  SEIS/EIS. You can find out if you qualify to raise under SEIS/EIS, and apply for SEIS/EIS Advance Assurance from HMRC on SeedLegals.

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