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Introducing the world's first emoji term sheet 

Published:  Apr 1, 2019

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – London April 1, 2019  08:00

Negotiating and closing a startup funding round just got a whole lot faster thanks to the latest SeedLegals platform update.

Using AI, big data and a small bot, founders and investors can now build a complete funding round over a text chat, with Lawrence the SeedLegals bot offering data-driven insight along the way.

Anthony Rose, SeedLegals CEO, explained:

At SeedLegals we’ve automated the legals for a funding round. You enter the deal terms, our platform builds all the documents. Everyone loves it. But people keep telling us there are too many words. Nobody reads these days. Anything profound is best said with an emoji. Look at Apple, they’ve stopped innovating in hardware, they just add more emoji at each update.

Just add the SeedLegals emoji-bot plugin for Skype or Whatsapp and start texting potential investors. Use as many emoji as possible, this tells investors that you’re an innovation leader.

We’ve all heard of borderless banking”, continued Rose,

Welcome to borderless legals. You can now negotiate with a French or even an Australian investor, using emoji as the new lingua franca. Once you’re done negotiating, send a handshake emoji and Lawrence the SeedLegals bot will build all the documents for your round in under a second. And, we’re even saving words there.

English law is at the forefront of technical innovation. While some European countries still require that a notary read the legal documents to each party, the UK embraced e-signing years ago. The emoji handshake represents the next step. One day it may even be legally tested.

For more information, hit the chat button or book some time with a member of the team!

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