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SeedLegals vs Vestd: comparing equity management platforms

Published:  Jun 20, 2024
Kirsty Macsween
Kirsty MacSween

As a startup or small business in the UK, you now have plenty of choices when it comes to software that helps you manage your equity.

In the days before affordable, intuitive platforms, you would have to juggle many spreadsheets and engage a lawyer’s services at a premium (and often unclear price) when it came to activities like:

In this post, we explore the services on offer from two leading equity management software providers: SeedLegals and Vestd. We zoom in on employee share option schemes and compare features, pricing, support and extra functionalities to help you make the right decision for your company.

So long spreadsheets, farewell steep fees

On SeedLegals it’s quick and easy to use customisable documents and step-by-step guidance to raise investment, set up employee share schemes and claim back R&D costs, and much, much more - with personal support whenever you need it.

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SeedLegals vs Vestd: 5-star service at one fixed price

The beauty of using a platform to manage your equity and employee share options is that you have access to everything you need at your fingertips – without paying for a lawyer’s time by the hour or paying per option grant.

With the SeedLegals Options plan, all options services are available and unlimited for a flat price of £2,490 + VAT per year. On Vestd, you choose the level of service you need from a few different account types.

SeedLegals vs Vestd: options and equity management

  Price£2,490 + VAT / year£1,500, £2,800 or £3,900 +VAT / year
  Trustpilot score⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  EMI option scheme setup and management
  Unapproved option scheme setup and management
  Growth shares setup and management
  EMI valuations
  Digital cap table
  Data room
  Issue shares
  Option holder portal
  Dedicated equity strategist to help you design your schemesMost expensive plan only
  Unlimited supportVaries by plan
  Unlimited shareholdersMost expensive plan only
  Unlimited number of schemesVaries by plan

Information correct as of June 2024

SeedLegals Options

One plan, unlimited options

Get everything you need in one convenient package – from expert support to unlimited different scheme setups – for a simple, low annual fee.

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Options Dashboard

SeedLegals vs Vestd: what support will you get with your membership?

The SeedLegals and Vestd platforms both break down the complexities of setting up share option schemes into simple workflows with in-built guidance. But sometimes you’ll need more support.

In the table below, we explore the different kinds of support offered by both platforms.

SeedLegals vs Vestd: support

  Unlimited platform and management supportVaries by plan
  Email supportVaries by plan
  Phone supportVaries by plan
  Video chat supportVaries by plan
  Live chat supportVaries by plan
  Consultation with equity strategistVaries by plan
  Free webinars
  Free online guides

Information correct as of June 2024

Outside options: what else can you do on SeedLegals and Vestd?

On both platforms, you can do more than create and manage employee option schemes. Here are tables comparing some of the extra functionalities available.

The SeedLegals Options plan comes with everything that’s included in the SeedLegals Standard plan (£499 +VAT / year).

SeedLegals vs Vestd: extra features

  Create founder agreements
  Create team agreements and staff policies
  Create board documents
  Manage your cap table
  Build and manage access to data room
  Create a pitch page for investors

Information correct as of June 2024

As well as the features available with the Options and Standard plan, the SeedLegals platform has a full range of other services that allow you to manage your entire startup journey, from incorporation to exit. See our pricing page for more details.

SeedLegals vs Vestd: the startup journey

  Engage a senior lawyer for on-demand legal advice
  Transfer shares
  Apply for SEIS/EIS tax relief for your investors
  Raise a funding round, from Term Sheet to final investment documents
  Take one-off investments
  Apply for R&D tax relief
  Sell your company

Information correct as of June 2024

Talk to an options expert

SeedLegals take the hard work and guesswork out of setting up and managing employee share option schemes. With us, you can:

✅ Work with options specialists
✅ Make smart decisions using our exclusive data insights from the 60,000 companies using the SeedLegals platform
✅ Follow built-in guidance to create documents
✅ Find answers fast on live chat (average response time <5 minutes)
✅ Get exclusive event invites to learn and network
✅ Access free online resources: articles, step-by-step guides, news and more

Any questions about how the Options subscription works or need to talk through your equity plan? Our experts are here to help – book a slot below for a free thirty-minute conversation with an equity strategist.

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