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In case you missed it: September 2023

Published:  Oct 5, 2023
Kaylin S.
Kaylin Sullivan

In September, we added more discounts to SeedLegals Plus, made it possible to create RDEC claims on the app and improved our search function so you can find what you need more easily. Read on to find out more about these updates and what’s coming soon.


Plus subscribers get more flexibility and value

One of our top priorities at SeedLegals is to give our Plus subscribers the most out of their membership. In September, we released an update that gives Plus subscribers more flexibility and value for money.

Now, when you subscribe to SeedLegals Plus, you get:

  • Free S/EIS Advance Assurance or S/EIS Compliance
  • £100 off your first SeedFAST or Instant Investment

You can claim one of each of the above offers per year. For example, if you claim your free Advance Assurance and £100 off a SeedFAST, when your subscription renews the following year, you’ll get the choice again to access free Advance Assurance or Compliance and £100 off SeedFAST or Instant Investment.

🤯There’ll be more exciting stuff to come for Plus in October, read more about it in coming soon.

R&D tax relief update: claim for SME and RDEC schemes

You can now easily create claims for both SME and RDEC schemes on SeedLegals 😄

The context 🤔

There are two R&D tax relief schemes UK companies can claim from: SME and RDEC.

The SME scheme is for startups and small business that:

  • employ less than 500 people
    factoring in partner companies or linked businesses, and
  • Have a turnover of less than 100 million euros or a balance sheet total under 86 million euros
    (The amounts are in euros because the SME definition was written by the EU Commission.)

RDEC is typically intended for larger companies (over 500 employees), but SMEs who have received any sort of grant or subsidy for their R&D may need to make their claim either partly (known as a hybrid claim) or fully under the RDEC scheme. You could also claim from RDEC if you’re doing R&D as subcontractor to a larger business.

Learn more about RDEC in our article RDEC Scheme: what it is and how to claim.

The update 🚀

Up until now, you could only create a claim for the SME scheme on SeedLegals. However, we had an influx of customers this year who needed to make RDEC or hybrid claims. We helped these customers create their claims manually, while working on an automated solution in the background.

And now it’s live 🙌 so you can easily create SME, RDEC and hybrid claims on SeedLegals.

Find help centre articles easily + more search improvements

We’ve improved our search function, so you can access what you need more quickly and easily 🔎

  • You can search for help centre articles using any key word in the search feature. From the list, click on an article you want to read and the page will open in a new tab
  • You can also now search for all products and areas on the app using the search feature

You can easily toggle between Team, Documents, Products and Help Centre articles in the search feature, as seen below.

Screenshot 2023 10 03 145356

Coming soon

As usual, our team is hard at work on many different projects. Here’s a peek of what’s coming soon.

SeedLegals Plus continues to get better

In October, we’re launching our first Plus Newsletter and PlusConnect community event. Subscribers to our Plus plan will get:

  • resources created exclusively for Plus members, to help you navigate challenges and improve your chances of success
  • invitations to exciting startup community events
  • tips, insights and offers from our community of founders and investors
  • the chance to feature in our newsletter and reach our community
  • access to PlusConnect – our monthly founders and investors meetup

Sign up to Plus now to gain access to exclusive content and events in November.

Flexible pricing for funding

We’re simplifying your funding costs 🥳

Soon, you’ll only need to pay one fee when you raise with SeedLegals, regardless of how many products you used for the raise.

For example, if you raise £250,000 using a SeedFAST for £100,000 and funding round for £150,000, you will only pay a once-off fee for the £250,000 you’re raising, rather than paying fees for each funding product separately. There will be no minimum fees for the agile funding products (SeedFAST and Instant Investment) when using Flex.

Flex applies to SeedFAST, Bootstrap and Seed Rounds, SeedNOTE, Instant Investment and Instant Conversion.

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