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Introducing SeedLegals Plus

Published:  Oct 10, 2022
Suzanne Worthington
Suzanne Worthington

Great news! We’ve simplified SeedLegals membership. Will you choose Plus or Standard?

SeedLegals Plus is a cost-effective annual membership with access to the services your startup needs as you fundraise and grow, plus big discounts and perks.

If you prefer the flexibility of monthly payments and pay-as-you-go services, then you can choose SeedLegals Standard.

As you’d expect, all memberships include unlimited help from the 5-star team of SeedLegals experts.

Read on to find out more about Plus and Standard.


Why we’re launching Plus

Before we get into exactly what you get with our new memberships, let’s rewind to look at why we’re launching Standard and Plus…

In 2016, Anthony and Laurent established SeedLegals to remove the barriers for founders and investors in the time-consuming and expensive processes of raising funds and creating contracts.

After working with more than 35,000 companies and investors, we know what startups need to start, raise and grow. We’ve put together SeedLegals Plus as a package of the services and support you need to fundraise and run your business.

And because every company is extra cautious about costs at the moment, SeedLegals Plus is CFO-friendly:

Fix your legal costs for the year
Pay for your membership upfront to beat inflation and make budgeting easier.

Get big discounts
Money off essential SeedLegals services and special offers for startups from companies we trust.

All SeedLegals members get unlimited help from our expert team – not just when you’re doing a funding round but anytime you need it. We don’t do billable hours. Consult a lawyer instead and you could land a bill for thousands, just for a chat.
Let’s take a closer look at what you get with Plus and Standard…


What’s included in SeedLegals Standard

For £49 +VAT a month or £499 +VAT a year, you get:


What’s included in SeedLegals Plus

The ultimate package with access to the services you need to fundraise and grow your business, plus big discounts and perks. All this for £999 +VAT a year:

  • Everything in Standard membership 📄
    See above 👆
  • Unlimited help from your own dedicated SeedLegals consultant and a quarterly business review to go over your strategy 🤓
  • SEIS/EIS Advance Assurance🛡️
    Included in Plus – no extra charge.
  • Unlimited share transfers and share issues📜
  • £100 off your first SeedFAST every year 🌱
  • Pay for one EMI Valuation, get £500 off subsequent EMI Valuations 📈
    When you create your EMI share option scheme and do an EMI Valuation on SeedLegals Plus, you’ll get £500 off the second and subsequent EMI valuations on SeedLegals – forever, when you’re a Plus member.
  • No engagement fee to start a funding round or SeedNOTE 💷
    Instant access to your documents and a dedicated investment specialist.
    For funding round, fee due when you complete the round.
    For SeedNOTE, fee due when you receive the investment.
  • No engagement fee to start claims for R&D Tax Credits 💰
    Complete your application, review by our specialist R&D experts.
  • Plus Perks
    Offers and discounts worth >£8,000 on services for startups.

For the full list of what’s included and to compare Plus and Standard, take a look at our Pricing »


Already a SeedLegals subscriber?

Everyone on our Start, Run or Scale plan now has Standard membership.

We’ve emailed all SeedLegals members with an active subscription to explain what’s happening. If you’re happy with the changes, you don’t need to do anything.

If your company is gearing up to fundraise, grant equity to your team or claim R&D cash back, take a closer look at what’s included with Plus to see if upgrading is right for you.


How to join or upgrade to SeedLegals Plus

Ready for SeedLegals Plus? Here’s how to join or upgrade:

If you’re already a subscriber and there’s time left to run on your current membership, we’ll discount your Plus membership by the amount you’ve paid for the remaining time on your old membership.


Talk to an expert

Got questions about SeedLegals Plus? Not sure which membership is right for you? Fill in this form and we’ll be in touch asap:


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