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How to launch your business in the US, find customers and build a US team

Published:  Feb 11, 2024
Anthony Rose
Anthony Rose

Many UK and European startups are drawn to the US – it’s a huge market, huge revenue opportunities and huge funding round valuations.

But few successfully conquer the US market, and many waste valuable resources adopting the wrong go-to-market (GTM) strategy.

This webinar gives expert insights, strategies and best practices for UK companies to expand their business into the US market successfully.

Meet the speakers

Tom Glason
Scalewise CEO and serial entrepreneur
Tom spent over 20 years in commercial roles at high-growth B2B tech companies and over a decade as a senior go-to-market leader within VC-backed SaaS start-ups in the UK and US, before building Scalewise to help others launch and scale companies.

Anthony Rose
SeedLegals CEO and serial entrepreneur
Anthony is our CEO and Co-Founder. As well as leader of SeedLegals and champion of the startup ecosystem, Anthony is well known as ‘the man behind BBC iPlayer.’

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Key takeaways

AI-generated summary of the topics covered in the video:

Plan your US expansion strategy

  • Secure strong product-market fit and traction in your home market before expanding abroad.
  • Design an expansion roadmap that details the steps needed to successfully enter the US, including building an initial client base.
  • Leverage a strategic planning methodology like the Three Horizon Framework to structure your go-to-market expansion planning.

Avoid these common mistakes

  • Rushing to hire US staff too quickly. Ensure they can truly deliver on promises.
  • Dedicating major resources to expansion before you’ve tested the market and built a small customer base there.
  • Be cautious of advice from investors without US expansion experience to avoid missteps.

Make sure you cover these important steps for success

  • Research the competitive landscape and customise messaging for the US audience.
  • Plan finances to account for longer sales cycles and higher costs to acquire customers.
  • Develop contacts and hire team members with on-the-ground US experience.

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