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Seedlegals Stats
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SeedLegals funding round stats

Published:  Feb 13, 2020
Anthony Rose
Anthony Rose

We’re transforming the way startups raise funding

We launched 2 new ways to raise funding: a SeedFAST and Instant Investment, enabling startups to get investment flexibly at any time. It’s a move to a future where we see continuous funding sitting alongside discrete funding rounds. Over half of companies doing a funding round on SeedLegals are now enabling a rolling close.

We helped a record number of companies get funded

More UK rounds are now closed on SeedLegals than anywhere else, here are the number closed last year (it’s not quite apples vs. apples, but until law firms publish their deal history it’s the closest comparison we’ve got):

“Pro Crowd” rounds. Is that the next thing?

‍On SeedLegals, median investments range from £10k-£25k per investor, compared with an estimated £700 on crowdfunding platforms. SeedLegals is becoming a new type of ‘pro crowd’ platform, where professional investors close funding directly with startups:

Funding Rounds have a median value of £25k committed per investor, and an average round size of £70k for ‘friends and family’ stage rounds, £200k for angel rounds and £650k for VC rounds.

Instant Investment allows startups to flexibly top-up with additional funding post-closing and had a median value of £12.5k per investor.

SeedFASTs provide a quick way to get investment before a funding round and had a median value of £10k invested per investor.

Fundraises ranged from small cash injections to £3m+ Series A rounds.

Used by funds and accelerators

We’re delighted to have supported rounds with investors from some of the UK’s most recognisable investment brands:

Investment by sector

A huge 10.8% of companies on SeedLegals self-reported as being in the Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence space, here are the top 5 sectors:

Quick Agreements

SeedLegals isn’t just about funding rounds, a large number of companies build their businesses and teams using our employment, contractor, NDA and other agreements. 100,000+ such agreements have been created on SeedLegals, here are the top 5 most popular:

Fuelling the startup ecosystem in 2020 and beyond

  • We’ve transformed the way UK startups raise investment.
  • We’ve also transformed the way companies give share options to employees with our EMI Option Scheme and an amazing EMI Valuation report that gives the best possible HMRC EMI valuations with the maximum upside for your employees.
  • We’ve automated share transfers from something that used to be done through accountants into something you can do in a matter of clicks.
  • We’re introducing SeedLegals for Investors for VC funds, accelerators and angel networks to manage their portfolios and speed up their investments.
  • We’re launching in France and Ireland.

And, much more to come!

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