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Webinar Recording: Giving Equity to Employees: who, when & how much?

Published:  Apr 16, 2020

Giving equity to your team is fantastic for motivating and establishing a great company culture.

After a company has value (for example it’s first funding round), you can’t just give away shares – you’ll normally have to set up a share option scheme.

It can be pretty complicated though. Should you give equity to all of your team, or only some? When’s the right time? And what’s the right scheme for your business?

In addition, if it’s not done correctly – there can be some pretty nasty tax consequences.

In this webinar, we help you decide which route is best for your business and how you can set one up.

In 45 minutes we cover:

  • When should I give shares vs options?
  • What is a share scheme, and which one should I use?
  • EMI scheme specifics for UK employees
  • Which members of my team should get equity, and how much?
  • How do I agree on an EMI valuation with HMRC?
  • What about advisors?

Once you’ve watched the Webinar

Presented by:

Matthew Rowell

Head of Partnerships, SeedLegals

Matthew previously headed up the Startupbootcamp Fintech programme, and has diverse experience building and investing in startups at Sustainable Ventures and Allia Impact.


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