Jonathan is one of the longest-serving SeedLegals staff – he joined back in 2017 and he’s currently the General Manager of our R&D Tax Credits team. Before specialising in R&D, he was our Head of Sales.

About 100 years ago (or at least it feels like that long ago), Jonathan worked as a specialist lawyer for top-tier law firms in Israel, helping companies complete some of the biggest funding rounds in the country.

Then he joined the Weizmann Institute of Science, a leading science research centre, as their in-house lawyer. Jonathan was a vital member of the team, making sure the Institute’s work related to the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme complied with regulations. Somehow, while he was there, Jonathan found the time to complete his MBA in finance and then launch a foodtech startup.

Jonathan is now a bona fide expert in startups and funding, with insider knowledge from both sides: as a founder and as an investor. He loves learning about new, disruptive ideas and helping startups build profitable businesses that do great things for their customers. Want some pointers on your strategy, tips on how to secure funding or to find out if your company is eligible for tax relief? Message Jonathan and ask for a chat.

When Jonathan isn’t talking to customers about their R&D claims, finding out about new startups or relaxing with his nose in a book about the history of the Middle East, you’ll find him running 10K or cycling in the park with his three children.