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Bringing together talented chefs and unique spaces and you


"The SeedLegals team managed to transform one of my most dreaded tasks into a simple, clear and efficient process - and as an extra bonus I became clear about the key legal areas I should be particularly aware of as a founder. Thanks to a great team for making it so quick and easy!"

Olivia Sibony, Co-founder, GrubClub



Connecting UK barbers and their customers


"The team at Seedlegals are truly amazing. The customer service is great but, most importantly at its core, they have a service that is of so much value to start-ups! As a founder it's easy to forget about the legal side of things but, seedlegals make things really easy to understand."

Darren Tenkorang, Founder, Trim It App


Changing the way furniture is made, by connecting customers to local makers

"It's the tool I wish I'd had for every funding round I've done"

Founder, OpenDesk

Powerful lab automation to bring research to the world faster

"Awesome product. I couldn't imagine raising a seed round without SeedLegals! The time and money saved makes the platform a no brainer. As an automation startup ourselves, we always seek to increase efficiency and SeedLegals was a game changer for us once we started using it"



The world's first skin-care product that hydrates your skin by feeding your microbiome


"I was lucky to be one of the first customers of SeedLegals. It made our fundraising experience really painless, very happy to have found them!"

Marie Drago, Founder, Gallinée


Making it easier for people to find & book outdoor activities, anywhere, anytime

"I thought the legal aspect of launching was going to be a money sink and a real pain, but so far, it's been about the easiest part!"

Founder, Eola