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Made With Intent
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SeedLegals helps made with intent raise from multiple investors

Published:  May 15, 2024
Kaylin S.
Kaylin Sullivan

SeedLegals Startup Awards finalists Made with Intent, founded by David Mannheim, is transforming retail strategies by making eCommerce more personal (and more profitable). Their AI-powered customer intent technology helps retailers understand how people are actually shopping so they can convert more customers by being more appropriate to their needs.

They used SeedLegals Instant Investments and S/EIS Advance Assurance and Compliance for their pre-seed funding round, which helped them:

💸Raise from multiple investors without headache
⭐Simplify a naturally complex process
📂Stay organised throughout their funding round
📃Save time, money and effort sorting SEIS and EIS

We spoke to David to get the lowdown on how we helped, and his top advice for founders on the funding journey 👇

Centralise investment docs

David Mannheim

We had about 18 angel investors following alongside our lead investor, which could have been a very complicated process if it weren’t centralised. SeedLegals helped keep everything in one place and simplified the logistics of the raise.

David Mannheim

Having all their investment documentation in one place made it simple for Made with Intent to raise funding from multiple investors. They could easily:

  • Create and send deal docs to investors immediately
  • Negotiate, sign and store deal docs all on SeedLegals
  • Raise small amounts of capital as soon as the opportunity arose


Seedlegals Funding Round
All your documents in one place on SeedLegals
David Mannheim

Coming from a commercial background, we had some understanding of what we were doing when it came to deal docs, but even so, SeedLegals just made the entire legal process easy and freed up headspace for us. We didn’t need to worry about the legal side at all. I really appreciated how transparent everything is on SeedLegals too.

David Mannheim

Made with Intent could leave the legals with us, free up headspace and save money doing their round, which they were able to complete without hiring lawyers. They were in control of their deals and had:

  • Full visibility on all their investment docs
  • The ability to customise contracts
  • Step-by-step guidance throughout the workflow

Coach through the complexity

David Mannheim

SeedLegals coaches you through what is naturally a very complex process. It makes things much more simple and efficient

David Mannheim

Our service is designed to help you every step of the way. We helped Made with Intent’s funding round legal process feel simple and understandable. We do this by:

  • Explaining what each contract and clause means in simple terms
  • Providing unlimited help from our team of experts
  • Sharing knowledge via our library of expert guides and videos that explain everything you need to know

They also did their SEIS and EIS with us, which helped them save a lot of time and simplify what can be an annoyingly complex process with HMRC. They were able to get Advance Assurace sorted in just a couple of weeks, which made them more attractive to investors before their funding round.

Seedlegals Seiseis
SeedLegals guided workflow

David’s advice for fellow founders

David Mannheim

Ruthlessly prioritise. You can very easily get burnt out. Prioritising will help you say no to things. It’ll help you stay balanced. It’ll help you understand there are more important things in life than just chasing a quick buck. I give that advice to eCommerce companies as well – to not be so short-termist in your actions.

David Mannheim

Alongside prioritising, David has loads of wisdom to share from his startup journey. During his most recent funding round, he thoroughly documented and reflected on the meetings he had with investors to understand what they were looking for and how to answer their questions in the most efficient way. You can read David’s learnings from the raise in his story, Raising £1.5m to change an industry, by flipping the script. You can also subscribe to his newsletter for more.

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