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Startup Guides Published:  May 16, 2020 2 min read

Introducing WorkCon, your company work-from-home DEFCON status

The government guidance on when your team can go back to the office was less than helpful, so we came up with a system to help our team, we hope it’s useful for yours.

There are five levels, which we’ve called WorkCon1 to WorkCon5, where WorkCon stands for Working Conditions, inspired by DEFCON 1-5.


You can’t come into the office


You can work from the office if you must


You can work from the office if you want


The office is open but you can work from home if you want


You’re expected to be in the office unless agreed with your manager
  • WorkCon1 is where we’re at right now.
    The question is when we should move to the next level towards normality…
  • WorkCon2 probably won’t apply to most startups who are able to work remotely, so we’ll skip that here.
  • WorkCon3 is the point that you tell your team they can work in the office if they want to, but it’s totally optional. The expectation is that only people who really need to get out of the house, or want to work in teams together, will want to head into the office.
  • WorkCon4 is where most people will be back in the office, but anyone who wants to work from home, sure, you’re welcome. We would assume that 75% of the team will be in the office, with those with long commutes or worried about catching or spreading anything welcome to work from home.
  • WorkCon5 is where everyone is expected to be in the office other than as agreed with their manager or with colleagues… i.e. just like the old days.

The big question then is whether WorkCon4, or even WorkCon3, becomes the new normal.

I’m a huge fan of building a team that works and plays together, I work hard to create a productive and enjoyable office environment, a place where you want to be. My goal is that the whole team is in the office, unless there’s a reason to not be there. But now I’m wondering… will we go back to that…

But right now all we need to focus on is when it’s time to tell the team we’re at WorkCon3. Our best guess for that – which is no better than yours – is late June.

If this is useful please spread the word.

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