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Startup Guides Published:  Apr 29, 2020 1 min read

The complete list of ways to raise investment and cut costs in Coronavirus times

This page is designed to help startup founders quickly find legal resources, advice and contracts that will help them during the Coronavirus outbreak.

UK Government’s Future Fund

The Definitive Guide to Future Fund: Who qualifies, how it works, how to apply

Opinion: The government’s Future Fund won’t help UK startups

Future Fund: Our line by line analysis

Are you eligible for Future Fund Investment? Take this survey to find out

Survey Results: 25% of startups eligible for Future Fund investment

Furlough Leave

What is Furlough Leave and the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme?

How to create a Furlough Notice and Place an Employee on Furlough Leave

How to use Furlough Leave to Cut Costs and Extend your Runway

Furlough Leave Frequently Asked Questions

Furlough and Redundancy FAQ for employees

Create your Furlough Leave Scheme now, free on SeedLegals

Alternatives to Furlough Leave

How to cut your wage bill – Alternatives to furlough leave

Create your Contract Variation Agreement now, free on SeedLegals

Work From Home Policy & Sick Pay

Create your Coronavirus Work From Home Policy now, free on SeedLegals

What to do if a member of your team falls ill – with a focus on Sick Pay.

Advice to companies raising funds

SeedLegals data reveals Coronavirus effect on UK startup funding rounds

A Tactical Guide to Raising in Uncertain Times

Close your round now, top up later. Here’s how.

How to communicate your Coronavirus response to your team and investors,

Open Letter to HMRC

An open letter to HMRC to reinstate the 12 month longstop date for ASAs

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