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Published:  Nov 15, 2021 2 min read

Included Games

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Services used: Raised 270K on SeedLegals and recently set up two Option Schemes

What does Included Games do?

Included games is a mobile games development studio that produces new mobile games. The name is “included” because we’re focusing on inclusion and diversity within the gaming sector. The mission is to create a social and inclusive gaming experience for mobile.


What challenges did you face?

Fundraising and options because they were new to us. We had experience in building, creating and running games, but we didn’t have a lot of experience in raising finance or rewarding teams with equity. 

We always knew we wanted to have employment option schemes. It’s something we decided and aligned on very early. I knew that the first time I applied for an option scheme there would definitely have been a few things I’d get wrong. But what could have taken us months with HMRC


How did SeedLegals help you to overcome the challenges mentioned?

We started to use SeedLegals from the start. We were ready for our first seed round of investment. Actually, we started using SeedLegals from before we started the company, even before we incorporated. 

We’re running two option schemes at the moment, the EMI and the unapproved scheme. The thing is how easier it makes things, how clearer it makes things. What was incredible about setting up an option scheme with SeedLegals was all the help we got with all the pre-checkings and applications. We had EMI Valuation approval from HMRC very quickly because the team at SeedLegals did two/three rounds of checking. 

What distinguishes SeedLegals from other competitors is that it has everything on one platform, so it allows you to have everything in one place. Especially for startups, where you’re bouncing between several different roles, when it comes to the legal part you just want to have it all in one place and clear. 

Plus, the money and the time we saved on the legal side should be standard for everybody because it really makes a big difference.

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