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Slush 2021 Anthony Rose
Startup Guides Published:  Feb 20, 2022 1 min read

Legal deep dive for founders – Anthony Rose at Slush 2021

Watch our founder and CEO Anthony Rose on stage at Slush 2021, as part of the Builders’ Studio series.

In 26 minutes, Anthony demystifies everything from founder agreements and cap tables to funding rounds and share option schemes. He shares the do’s and don’t’s of business legals for startups to help you attract investors and avoid costly mistakes.

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What is Builders’ Studio?

Builders’ Studio is a school for founders by Slush. In 30 episodes, different speakers examine the lifecycle of growing a company. The series starts with the early days of a startup and ends with exit, covering everything in between, to form a playbook on how to build a sensational company.

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