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“After closing our funding round, we set up our Option Scheme in 20 minutes. It was that simple. ”


Co-Founder & CEO, Alex Rainey

Share Option Scheme

Reward your team with equity

Teams that earn equity together, excel together. SeedLegals has helped thousands of companies create and manage their share option plans. Instead of hiring an expensive advisor, create your option scheme on SeedLegals in just a few clicks.

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Company policies

Create policies seamlessly

Setting out your workplace policy is something every growing company needs.

Coming soon to Singapore!

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You’re in safe hands

Our team of legal and funding experts have helped thousands of entrepreneurs raise money and grow their businesses.

  • Beautifully organised

    Your company's core agreements, all in one place

  • Secure signatures

    Share and collect signatures online via SeedLegals

  • Backed by real lawyers

    Create the exact documents you need at every stage of growth

  • Serious about security

    Your information stays safe and confidential in our secure system

  • Helpful humans

    Talk to one of our friendly team anytime on live chat

  • Extra protection

    Don't worry, our insurance covers claims related to our platform

We’ve helped over 50,000
startups and investors

From food to FinTech and beyond, join thousands of startups who use SeedLegals to start, raise and grow faster.

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More customer stories
  • Pluto

    One of the great things about SeedLegals is that it is designed to be appropriate for the round and the stage of the business. They keep it simple. It feels like they really understand that.

    Alex Rainey

    Co-founder & CEO, Pluto

    Pluto 2
  • Quotes

    The reality is you’re on a journey; fundraising is so much about the narrative. SeedLegals allows you to tell the right story at the right time with the right legal documents for different types of investors.

    Louise Doherty

    Founder & CEO, Yoller

  • Qure

    SeedLegals held our hand through complex investor negotiations and even picked up on some errors produced by our previous lawyers which were a well-known City law firm!

    Alex Templeton

    Founder & CEO, Qured

  • Thefamily

    How do I get all the businesses I invest in to use it?

    Alexander Wyndham

    Angel Investor , The Family

    The Family 2
  • Darren Trimit

    It's easy to forget about the legal side of things but SeedLegals make things really easy to understand. The team at SeedLegals are truly amazing.

    Darren Tenkorang

    Founder, TRIM-IT

    Trim It
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    There’s an opportunity to reach a specialist advisor via chat, phone and email too to check in on any of this. The SeedLegals team were extremely responsive – really amazing.

    Emilie Vanpoperinghe

    Co-Founder, OddBox

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