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Startup Guides Published:  Oct 22, 2019 3 min read

SeedLegals launches Funds Tracker, Option Scheme valuation tool, cap table updates, new UI, new plans…

We’ve been hard at work on our SeedLegals 2019 autumn update – here’s what we’ve been up to, and all the latest goodness for you:

All-new design

Based on seeing how our customers used the platform, and in preparation for some super-secret upcoming updates, we redid our user interface – faster, improved workflow, and the latest Material Design styling:

Funds Tracker

If you have more than a half dozen investors in your round, tracking their investments is a pain – you’d need to keep a spreadsheet of who paid, how much, on what date, and then order everything so the SEIS shares are issued first, on the date of the last SEIS funds received, followed by all the EIS share certs on the date the last EIS funds were received. Our Funds Tracker takes care of that all for you – as you receive each investment just click to add it, we’ll track everything and automatically date all the share certificates to match when you close your round. Available now as part of our Seed and Bootstrap Round products.

Way faster cap table, good for thousands of shareholders

Looking to bring your last crowd round onto SeedLegals? Have hundreds of even thousands of shareholders? No problem, our cap table is now scaled up to handle thousands of shareholders. We also improved the maths behind our Exit Scenario Modelling to handle more complex scenarios:

Easier document management

With companies now having 100+ documents on SeedLegals and a growing number of investors having multiple investment rounds on SeedLegals, we redid the Documents view, added search, filters, grouping by company, and more.

EMI Valuations, transformed

When you give share options to employees you want to do so at the lowest possible EMI Valuation, to give them the maximum upside. Back in early 2019 HMRC changed the rules for EMI Valuations, making it much harder to get sizable discounts. While accountants are still trying to figure that out, we’ve developed an amazing new EMI Valuation report generator that allows your employees to get the best possible share price, we’re regularly seeing 85%+ discounts. So not only is SeedLegals insanely cheaper than using an accounting or law firm to do your EMI Option Scheme, we’re also hugely better (we’ve seen a top-tier accounting firm charge a company 5X what we charge, for a valuation discount that’s way worse than ours).

If you’re planning to give share options to your team, talk to our experts 

New pricing that scales with you

We’ve updated our pricing model to reflect our new features. Previously we had a single Team Plan, now we have plans optimised for different needs:

Quick Agreements

All the documents to build your team – unlimited employment, founder and advisor agreements, NDAs, IP assignments and more, for just £19/month.

Cap Table

Stop messing about with Excel, move your cap table online on SeedLegals. The only fully integrated cap table in the world (feeds directly into your company Articles, Shareholders Agreements, Instant Investments, and more. All for just £39/month.

Option Plan

Grant and exercise share options, give your employees real-time access to their share option vesting and agreements and certificates, for just £19/month.

As a thank you to our loyal customers, if you’re a current subscriber on our existing Team Plan, we’ll continue to honour your existing pricing, you’ll continue to get all the new awesomeness at the same £19/month you were previously paying, so long as your existing subscription remains active.

Behind the scenes…

When we began building the SeedLegals platform 3 years ago we started with the original Angular JS framework. Since then Angular has evolved, and it was time to move the latest version. We held off doing that for a while to deliver our V1 platform, but the time had arrived to dive in and do the work. So, SeedLegals is now built on the latest Angular framework, ready for our next set of features.


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