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How to do a funding round on SeedLegals

Published:  Mar 24, 2024
Anthony Rose
Anthony Rose

Want to raise investment? You know you need to do a funding round. But what exactly is a funding round? How do you even get started? How will you understand the legals and the deal terms? We made that all super-easy on SeedLegals.

New to fundraising? This is your first round? Good news: We built SeedLegals exactly for you. With built-in videos to show what to do at every step, unique deal data to show you which deal terms are market standard for your size funding round, a workflow that takes you through every step of the funding round to educate you on each deal term, the platform is there to help, whether this is your very first round or you’re a been-there-done-that expert. And of course our SeedLegals team is there to help every step of the way, including a dedicated account manager for your company, and our support and legal team ready on web chat and calls to answer all questions.

In this video I’ll take you through everything from setting up your cap table, doing a share split, getting SEIS/EIS Advance Assurance and doing a funding round, all in one elegant workflow.


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