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3 ways to close investment while investors are on holiday

Published:  Oct 22, 2019
Noelle Baquiche

Even the glorious British sunshine won’t stop your customers and investors jetting off on their holidays. Summer is a tricky time to raise funding for a startup.

One strategy is to put your fundraise on ice, and ramp up again in September when the investment community returns. But for startups in seasonal sectors like fashion, retail and consumer products, a timely injection of capital is crucial for buying stock in preparation for the next wave of sales.

If you’re up against the clock there’s three things you can do to get existing commitments over the line a.s.a.p

1. SeedFAST

Use this quick agreement with any initial investors you have lined up to get an EIS & SEIS compliant cash injection now, and do a funding round later.

2. Instant Investment

Get in touch with the team at SeedLegals and we’ll help get your investment over the line in no time

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