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SAFT - Simple Agreement for Future Tokens

Raise funds now, mint tokens later

Accelerate the development of your crypto tokens with SeedSAFT. Get the resources you need to develop your tokens by raising money from purchasers first and issuing tokens later when they’re ready.

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Introducing SeedSAFT

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    Fund your token development

    With SeedSAFT, purchasers pre-pay for tokens so you can raise the money you need for development.
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    Set key terms

    We walk you through the SeedSAFT key terms with detailed explanations so it’s quick to build and customise the agreement.
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    Attach your whitepaper

    Add a link to a whitepaper where you describe the token’s attributes and explain the tokenomics.
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    Protect your purchasers

    SeedSAFT gives you the option to refund your purchasers if you don’t ultimately issue the tokens.
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    Receive funds in crypto or fiat

    Decide whether your purchaser will pay in fiat, cryptocurrency, stablecoin or another token.
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    Get market-standard docs

    We instantly build all the other deal docs you might need, including the investor consent notice, board resolution and shareholders resolution.
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    Create and sign online

    Keep all your documents safe with secure storage, and save time by creating, sharing and signing documents on SeedLegals.
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    Get unlimited support

    Need any help with the documents? Our team is always on-hand to provide support.
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    No fuss SAFT agreement template

    Easy to create, negotiate and sign online

    Say hello to the new market standard - SeedSAFT is the first automated agreement for raising ahead of a token launch. Just fill in the details on our simple workflow and you’re ready to raise.

    • tickShare a link to your whitepaper or add a description of your token
    • tickGenerate all the docs you need - board and shareholders resolutions, investor consent
    • tickSuitable for companies looking to raise via tokens in the UK
    Seedsaft Agreement
    Design your token, raise before release

    Is SeedSAFT right for your company?

    SeedSAFT could be the right fundraising mechanism for you if you have:

    • tickA clear idea of your token’s attributes and tokenomics
    • tickA timeframe for development and issuance
    • tickPurchasers who understand the risks
    • tickConfidence in your experience and knowledge of blockchain-based tokens
    Raise Before Hero Seedsaft

    How to raise with SeedSAFT

    • Publish your whitepaper

    • Secure commitments from purchasers

    • Speak with our team to see if SeedSAFT is the right fundraising method for you

    • Create your SeedSAFT agreement

    • Enter your deal terms

    • Generate your automated SeedSAFT docs

    • Receive funds from your purchasers

    • Generate your automated SeedSAFT docs

    • Use the proceeds to develop the network and your tokens

    • Launch your network and tokens

    Not ready for SeedSAFT?

    Token Warrant (coming soon!)

    Still planning what your future tokens will do? We’re hard at work on a token agreement to use alongside more traditional fundraising solutions (like SeedFAST). Our Token Warrant will give warrant-holders the right to purchase any tokens that you might issue in the future. Stay tuned.

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    Tokens ready to go?

    Token Purchase Agreement (coming soon!)

    If you’re just about to issue your tokens or they’re already in circulation, then you’ll need a Token Purchase Agreement instead of a SeedSAFT. Watch this space - we’ve got one in the pipeline too.

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    Get support during your token raise

    Speak with the SeedLegals team

    Not sure if a SeedSAFT is right for your company? Stuck on which deal terms to choose? Want to know more about our Token Warrant or Token Purchase Agreement? We’re here to help.

    Get in touch

    FAQs - SeedSAFT

    Frequently asked questions about SeedSAFT

    • What is SeedSAFT?

      SeedSAFT is the SeedLegals automated version of a SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens). With it, the purchaser pre-pays for tokens that haven’t been released yet and the company uses that money to develop the tokens.

      A SAFT broadly follows the same principles as a SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) or, our SAFE equivalent, a SeedFAST. With a SAFE, the investor converts their cash investment into equity at a fixed point in the future. With a SAFT, the purchaser receives tokens instead of equity.

      SeedSAFT does not set out the total number of tokens that the purchaser receives. That number depends on three factors: the price paid for the SeedSAFT, the token’s price at the public launch, and any discount the purchaser is promised in the SeedSAFT terms.
    • When can I use SeedSAFT?

      SeedSAFT helps you lock in funds before you have fully developed your token, but to use it you need to have many of the details in place. SeedSAFT is designed for companies who already have a clear idea about how their tokens will work, including the market price and the wider tokenomics.

      To create a SeedSAFT, first you’ll need:
      • your whitepaper detailing the token’s specifications. This isn’t legally binding, but it’s expected that you stick as closely as possible to the plan you set out here. A whitepaper usually includes:
        • the tokenomics
        • your token distribution plan (including prices and stages of distribution)
        • how you will issue and transfer tokens to the purchaser
      • an estimate of when you plan to launch the token

      If you don’t have all of the above already in place, then a more traditional fundraising method (like a SeedFAST) paired with a Token Warrant might be a better solution for you.
    • Does the purchaser get equity?

      No. The SeedSAFT only promises tokens, not equity. If you want to give an investor equity as well as tokens, you can combine a more traditional fundraising solution (like SeedFAST) with a Token Warrant, which is coming soon on SeedLegals. Get in touch to learn more.
    • Are SeedSAFTs SEIS/EIS compliant?

      No. Investors can’t claim SEIS/EIS tax relief on SeedSAFT purchases.
    • Do I need a whitepaper?

      Ideally you should have a whitepaper that you link to in your SeedSAFT. A whitepaper is your opportunity to describe the token and its specifications (for example, what it entitles the holder to do). The whitepaper functions like a pitch deck in a traditional, equity-based funding round. It’s part of how you convince purchasers that your token is worth their investment.

      Without knowing anything about your token, purchasers are unlikely to get onboard. So while we don’t require you to include a whitepaper, we do highly recommend it.

      You can provide a description of your tokens in the SeedSAFT, if your whitepaper is not available.
    • Why does SeedSAFT give you the option to offer a refund?

      This is to help protect your purchaser’s interests. SeedSAFT gives you the option to refund your purchasers in three circumstances:
      • if you don’t meet a funding target by your deadline and therefore can’t develop the token at all
      • if you don’t issue the tokens by the longstop date
      • if your company goes into liquidation
    • Can I use SeedSAFT if we have already minted our tokens?

      SeedSAFT is designed for tokens that are still in development, and therefore contains mechanisms and safeguards that aren’t suitable for tokens already in circulation.

      If you have already developed and/or released your tokens, you’ll need a Token Purchase Agreement instead. We’re currently working on this agreement, which you’ll be able to use when your tokens are either on the cusp of being issued or are already in circulation. It’s coming soon - stay tuned! Or get in touch to learn more.
    • Can SeedLegals give me advice on structuring my tokens?

      No. Our goal is to make the legal documents you need to raise investment to develop your tokens faster, clearer and easier. While we can give you commercial guidance about the documents, we can’t advise you on structuring your tokens.

      This is particularly important in the context of where you decide to issue your tokens; certain markets have already regulated the issue of tokens, while in other jurisdictions regulation is developing at a slower pace. Please seek legal advice.
    • Do I need separate tax advice before issuing my tokens?

      Yes. SeedLegals does not provide legal or tax advice. The issue of tokens can have adverse tax consequences in the UK and in other jurisdictions. Our strong recommendation is that you seek expert advice prior to raising your funds and before issuing your tokens.
    • Can I raise funds from investors based in the US?

      While we can’t give legal advice on this point, we strongly discourage you from raising funds from US-based investors. This can have adverse tax and regulatory implications for both the company issuing the tokens and your investors. Please take legal advice on this point.

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